Health Benefits of Wearing Earplugs

Earplugs are hardly glamorous to look at or exciting to wear for most people, but they actually have a lot of benefits and uses.

Just about anyone who works in a noisy environment, or lives in one, should keep a pair of earplugs close at hand to keep their ears safe. Swimmers, sailors, and travellers can also benefit from using earplugs.

There are many little things you can do that pay off in major benefits to your health and overall well-being. Wearing earplugs may be one of those small things you can do.

Here are a few of the ways that earplugs have helped to change the lives of those who wear them.

Earplugs Make Using Tools and Machinery Safer

Earplugs are vital for those who regularly use heavy equipment and power tools. It’s not just the sheer amount of noise that these industrials make that makes it important to wear earplugs. They are important because the noise is incessant and workers deal with it for hours at a time. Prolonged exposure to noise is dangerous and can lead to permanent hearing loss and tinnitus. Earplugs come recommended by most occupational health experts.

Earplugs make Listening to Music Safer

Tinnitus is a major issue that affects over 6 million Brits. It causes a ringing in the ears that can be so severe it impacts the ability of the sufferer to live and work properly. The amount of people living with tinnitus is expected to increase by over a half a million across the next decade, according to research from the British Tinnitus Association (BTA).

Tinnitus is a major problem for musicians and music aficionados. This is why every good music shop has their own custom-made earplugs on offer. High-end earplugs for musicians and concert-goers are made to filter out harmful frequencies without impairing the quality of the music. Even then, some people still don’t want to wear earplugs at concerts for whatever reason.

Protecting Your Hearing at Concerts and Clubs

If you’re a music lover who enjoys going to concerts and clubs, it’s crucial to take steps to protect your hearing. The loud volumes at these events can easily reach dangerous decibel levels that can cause permanent hearing damage over time. Wearing earplugs is an effective solution, but many people are hesitant, thinking it will ruin the experience. The truth is, high-quality earplugs designed for music actually allow you to enjoy the full range of sound while filtering out the harmful frequencies.

For example, let’s say you’re at a rock concert with sound levels averaging around 110 decibels. That’s equivalent to a jackhammer from 3 feet away! Prolonged exposure to those volumes can absolutely cause noise-induced hearing loss. But pop in a pair of musician’s earplugs, and they’ll knock off around 15-25 decibels. So instead of that jackhammer blast, it would be more like standing next to a loud lawnmower. You’d still get those thumping bass lines and searing guitar riffs, just at a safer level.

The key is using high-fidelity earplugs designed to allow an even reduction across all frequencies. Cheap, universal-fit earplugs just muffle everything into a low, muffled roar. But specialty earplugs like the downbeats use special sound-attenuating filters to preserve sound quality. It’s almost like sliding the volume down from “spine-shaking” to “head-bopping.”

Speaking from experience, I used to be one of those stubborn types who refused to wear earplugs at shows. I liked feeling that physical force of the music pummelling my chest. But after one too many dizzy spells and ringing ears post-concert, I knew I had to start protecting my hearing. Once I got some decent musician’s plugs, I was blown away by how I could still immerse myself in the full range of instrumentation and vocals without emerging with my ears ringing.

So don’t buy into the misconception that earplugs ruin live music. They’re an essential tool for any avid concertgoer who wants to keep enjoying music for decades to come without risking hearing damage. Trust me, once those high-pitched tinnitus tones start haunting you, you’ll wish you had taken precautions sooner. A small investment in quality earplugs pays huge dividends for your long-term hearing health and music listening pleasure.

Go For a Swim Without Getting an Infection

Swimmers also stand to benefit from wearing and using earplugs. For swimmers, special waterproof earplugs prevent water from getting to the inner ear. Not only does this prevent ears from getting “clogged”, but they can also prevent earache, perforated ear drums, and an ear infection known as “Swimmer’s Ear” due to how common it is among swimmers. Good earplugs to choose are Speedo Ergo Aquatic Earplugs or Speedo Biofuse Aquatic Earplugs.

Swimming earplugs for kids include Noise-x Swimming Earplugs for Children and Hush Plugz Children’s Swim Earplugs.

Sleep Better at Night with Earplugs

Research suggests that wearing earplugs is a great way to get a good night’s sleep. Sleep impairment can be caused by ambient noises interfering with sleep. If you live near train lines or a major road, then you understand these issues.

Wearing earplugs for sleeping overnight eliminates the noise, helping you to focus on resting and recovering. This applies to low noise levels too, as the brain still hears noises while you sleep. The result of blocking out this noise is that you have reduced stress hormone levels and get more REM sleep, which are the two key factors in getting proper rest.

Many people who wear earplugs at night also combine them with an eye mask to ensure total darkness and peace of mind for restful sleep.

Some further reading that may be of interest is an article in the Guardian in December 2018, entitled How I finally learned to sleep 

Earplugs Prevent Sea Sickness

Earplugs can offer benefits for more than just light sleepers. If you get nauseous at sea, then earplugs may be a low-tech solution for the problem. Lots of sailors report that putting an earplug in the non-dominant ear (left-ear for right-handed people and right-ear for left-handed people) can help to prevent sea sickness.

This sounds a little strange, but this simple little trick could change the life of the sailing enthusiast who suffers from sea sickness and nausea.

Fly in Comfort With Earplugs

The benefits of wearing earplugs while sailing apply to people who feel pain due to air pressure changes in airplane cabins (as well as the noise produced by a plane). There are specialist earplugs designed for aeroplanes that reduce airflow to the inner ear. This helps to modulate changes in air pressure and prevents eardrums from expanding. It’s the expansion of eardrums that causes pain for around a third of frequent fliers, and the right pair of earplugs can make this a problem of the past. We recommend Alpine FlyFit Earplugs for Flying.

Earplugs are a handy little item that many people forget about. They aren’t sexy or anything, and they aren’t fashionable, but they are highly useful. They are far more useful than anyone might imagine. Whether you want to be able to sail comfortably or keep your hearing when using power tools, having a good pair of earplugs is vital.

How To Sleep On A Plane

Getting  some shut eye on a plane is an art and the majority of us are not that great at it. This article has some great tips on how to sleep on a plane, from uncrossing your legs to making a tactical seat choice.

Men's Earplugs Sample Pack
Men’s Earplugs Sample Pack

Zoom Health Earplug Sample Packs – The Value of Variety

Finding the perfect pair of earplugs is a surprisingly personal journey. Just like trying on shoes, the fit and comfort can vary wildly between individuals. That’s why Zoom Health’s earplug sample packs are such a brilliant idea – they let you try on a whole wardrobe of options to find your perfect match.

Men’s Earplug Sampler

The Men’s Earplug Sample Pack is a smorgasbord of 15 different styles and brands catered to masculine ear canals. You’ll get to road test classics like the 3M EARsoft foams and new contenders like the MAX-1s with their muffling 33dB rating. For the gents with narrower pipes, there are slim fits and small sizes to prevent that uncomfortable over-stuffed feeling.

But it’s not just about fit – Zoom covers all the materials too. The pack mixes soft foams with rigid options, silky silicone, and even mouldable wax variants. With such an array, you’re bound to find earplugs that hit that sweet spot of effective noise-blocking and all-night wearability.

Ladies First

Of course, the fairer sex gets their own specially curated sampler as well. The Women’s Earplug Pack recognises that female ear canals can be a tad smaller on average. So while you’ll find some unisex faves like the 3M EARsofts, there’s an emphasis on petite picks ideal for preventing gaping or pinching.

From the Mack’s DreamGirl pinks to the appropriately named MAX Lites, options for daintier princess-and-the-pea ears abound. But make no mistake – these tiny plugs pack plenty of noise-damping power for shutting out snorers, neighbors, and anything else robbing you of beauty sleep.

Why Sample Packs Rock

At the end of the day, finding your happy ear-place requires trial and error. Zoom’s sample packs provide that ultimate try-before-you-buy experience. Suddenly that daunting wall of earplug options becomes a low-risk smorgasbord where you can sample freely.

It’s the earplug equivalent of a groovy ’70s key party, if you’ll pardon the imagery – but at least with Zoom’s packs, you’re guaranteed to take home a compatible set. And when you factor in the value (15 pairs for under £10!), it’s an audiophile’s dream come true. Sweet dreams await!

Photo “Music” by Anthony Cunningham for Zoom Health

Zoom Health is a leading UK supplier of Home Health Tests and Earplugs

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