Max Lite Foam Earplugs

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  • MAX-LITE earplugs are ideal for smaller ear canals
  • Low pressure foam ear plugs offer long-term user comfort
  • Non-irritating, non-allergenic
  • Self adjusting foam recovers to fit almost any ear canal
  • Attenuation tested in accordance with ANSI S3/19-1974
  • SNR 34
  • Individually wrapped pairs
  • Supplied with a free, ECO storage bag
  • Choose the pack size that suits you! 😊
  • 5, 10, 20, 50 or 100 pairs of earplugs

Max Lite earplugs from Howard Leight are Ideal for women and people with smaller ear canals. The low-pressure polyurethane foam expands gently inside the ear canal for comfortable long-term wear, while the contoured T-shape of the earplug allows for exceptionally easy handling.

Max Lite is our most popular earplugs for bikers. In a Ride magazine product test, Max Lite were the highest rated earplugs.

Because Max Lite Foam Earplugs are one of our most popular earplugs, we have included them in both our Women’s Earplugs Sample Pack and our Men’s Earplugs Sample Pack.


  • Popular Howard Leight Foam Earplugs
  • Ideal size for women and people with smaller ear canals.
  • Low pressure polyurethane foam expands gently for comfortable long-term wear.
  • Contoured T-shape for easy handling and wear.
  • Smooth, soil-resistant closed cell-foam skin prevents dirt build-up.
  • Individually wrapped pairs.
  • Supplied with a free, ECO storage bag
  • NRR 34dB.

Testimonial: Finding Peace with Max Lite Earplugs

“As someone who struggles with noise sensitivity, I can’t recommend Max Lite Foam Earplugs highly enough. The low-pressure foam expands gently in your ears, creating a snug, comfortable fit that blocks out disruptive sounds without that muffled, underwater feeling. Whether you’re a biker looking to dampen engine roar, a student trying to study, or someone who just needs relief from noisy environments, these earplugs deliver. The contoured shape makes them easy to insert and remove too. I keep a pack in my bag at all times for instant noise protection wherever I go. Trust me, once you experience the peaceful silence Max Lite provides, you won’t want to be without them.”

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Pairs of Earplugs

5 Pairs, 10 Pairs, 20 Pairs, 50 Pairs, 100 Pairs


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