SmartFit Earplugs with detachable cord

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  • adapt to the individual shape of each wearer’s ear canal
  • superior comfort and a truly individual fit
  • supplied with detachable cord and carry case


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These SmartFit corded earplugs are the ultimate non-custom fit earplug. When wearing these you benefit from Conforming Material Technology, an innovation that means that the earplug can change shape with body heat to give a perfect fit for each individual wearer. The longer you wear these earplugs, the better they fit. One size fits all.

Use them Corded or Uncorded

The joy of the earplugs is that you can use them corded or uncorded, depending on what you are doing. Many people use them without a cord whilst others prefer to attach the blue cord as it allows them to be removed without getting lost.  For workplace environments, the bright orange makes them detectable in order to ensure compliance if earplugs are mandatory.

When used as corded earplugs, they are supplied with a detachable cord system and a nifty HearPack pocket storage case.

High Level of Protection From Noise

Smartfit earplugs have a noise reduction rating (NRR) of about 30 dB. This means that they can block out a lot of unwanted noise. These earplugs are manufactured by Honeywell Howard Leight, who are one of the big names in hearing protection. They have been fully tested and offer the high levels of hearing safety that you would expect.

SmartFit Earplugs are smart for the environment too!

None of us want to create unnecessary waste and because these reusable earplugs can last for weeks, you will be doing your bit for the environment when you reuse these earplugs again. By reducing waste you will also saves money on not having to constantly buy disposable earplugs. Simply clean these earplugs with mild soap and water and water and they are ready to be worn again.

Note: In the UK, companies such as Terracycle are recycling used earplugs, which is something that we at Zoom Health applaud!


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