At Zoom Health we offer one of the widest ranges of earplugs and ear defenders that you can find in the UK today! We offer all three types of popular earplugs – foam earplugs, silicone earplugs and wax earplugs. Just click on one of the categories below to view the full range. We also offer Ear Defenders and Ear Muffs for adults. Don't forget – You can also buy sample packs of our most popular earplugs, allowing you to find the perfect earplug for you without spending a fortune!

At Zoom Health we have a wide range of earplugs with a variety of noise reduction capabilities.

Earplugs for Workplaces

When you pick the proper decibel range, you are guaranteed that even in noisy environments, your employees will get the correct hearing protection for the short-term and long-term. You have the flexibility to provide noise reduction in situations where the employee still needs to hear instead of total noise cancelling. These are circumstances where it is important for the employee to communicate.

With our ear protection reminder signs, your employees will be fully aware that they need to wear ear plugs when entering very noisy areas. Ear plugs are used in many different situations off-site, but it is essential that your employees practice good habits. We have a selection of disposable ear plugs that are individually packaged, which makes it easier for the employees to take with them everywhere.

Due to their small size, ear plugs eventually fall out or get lost. We have reduced this problem with our Yellow Neon Earplugs, brightly coloured earplugs that are easy to see and find if misplaced. This way they won't get into machinery, products or become a slip hazard.

Howard Leight Fusion ear plugs have metal in them for easy detection. Some employers might find this to be a bit overkill, but it is very useful in the food industry and the labs are medical environments where it is a priority to minimize call void pollutants.

Lower Risk for Ear Infection from Earplugs

In order to eliminate the risk of ear infections, reusable ear plugs should only be given to individual employees and should never be shared. We have a line of ear plugs that are different colours so that passing an ear infection from one ear to another is reduced.

To further eliminate the risk of an ear infection, disposable ear plugs are a better option. They're made of environmentally friendly materials.

Corded Earplugs too!

We have a selection of earplugs that are loose, while others are linked to chords or bands. The earplugs with links come in handy when the user has to remove and replace them often without misplacing them. The bands come in handy when it is important for the employee to keep a smart appearance. They are useful when managers have to go from the office to the factory floor on a frequent basis.

Ear Muffs or Earplugs?

Even though ear muffs offer maximum protection, earplugs are handy when you don't want your noise protection to be seen. Earplugs are useful when you need quick noise reduction protection and you don't have to carry anything bulky with you. Whatever your noise reduction protection needs are, we are sure you will find something suitable in our selection.

Earplugs FAQ

Don't forget, our Earplug FAQ page offers answers to all of your common questions about Earplugs, Ear Defenders and Ear Protection.