Earplugs for Studying

Comfortable, noise reducing earplugs for studying are great for helping block out loud neighbours, barking dogs and other noise that disrupts reading, meditation, and studying. Help improve your focus and retain your mental edge with our range of Earplugs.

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What Are The Best Earplugs For Studying?

It's a common problem for all students. If you are studying for GCSE's, A Levels, a university degree or anything…. it helps if you can concentrate on the information you need to remember!

Have you have been studying and the room was full of other people? Perhaps you were in a coffee shop and trying to read a book as well as trying to concentrate. If you've ever done these things, you'll know how difficult they can be as there is simply too much noise. There are cars that are driving by, people are talking, sounds of people doing things in a store like making food and so on. One way that you can correct this problem is by using earplugs.

Choosing Earplugs To Help You Study

There are different earplugs on the market that you can use for studying. You want to look at NRR or the noise reduction rating of the headphones. This reading is used to determine the effectiveness of a device used to protect your hearing. If you are in an environment where there is a lot of noise and other sounds then the NRR rating will be important to you. Headphones that have the highest NR will have a rating of about 33. When headphones have a high NRR are better able to reduce noise. Howard Leight and Moldex are two of the best earplug brands on the market, both offer earplugs that have a high NRR rating.

Earplug Comfort

When it comes to your earplugs you want ones that are very comfortable. These devices will be sitting in your ear for an extended time so you want them to be comfortable. If you are sensitive to pressure in your ears, Mack’s Ultra Soft Foam Earplugs are an excellent choice. These earplugs are easy to insert, even for people that normally struggle to insert foam earplugs into their ears. Just squeeze the earplug and insert. The foam it is a little slower to recover then others so it makes it easier to put it in your ear.

Non-Disposable Versus Disposable

You may want your plugs that you want to reuse or you may want to have a pair that you keep in a different location. You may also want a pair of earplugs that you use for a few times and then just throw them out. One advantage of using disposable earplugs is that you can keep several pairs in different locations. You may be studying at school, at a friend's house, or at another location. If you have a pair in different locations then you'll be able to study when necessary. If you're only going to use the earplugs in one location, then you might just want to get a pair that isn't disposable.

The Material

You also want to look at the material of the earplugs. One popular type are silicone earplugs. People enjoy this type because they can be customised. You can shape, mould, and cut them so they fit your ear as we all have different ear shapes or a smaller ear shape than normal so the ability to customize the size can be ideal. You'll be able to control how much of the earplug is going into your ear and how deep this is going to go what you really can't get with the foam type.

Another type of earplug is made with wax. Wax earplugs have a custom fit which goes over the ear canal but not actually inside of it. Heat can impact the wax so you have to make note of this. The wax type usually doesn't give you the noise reduction to that other sets of earplugs do.

Foam earplugs are the most recommended because they are easy to use. They are disposable, cost-effective, and you can shape them so you might want to go with this type of your plug.


You should spend some time looking at different earplugs to reduce noise so you can study. You can buy them in all different price ranges so you should look for ones that are going to meet your individual needs.

If you are really confused, you should try on our our sample packs. Each unique pack contains different pairs of earplugs which are ideal for sleeping, work and study. Each sample pack contains a wide selection of foam, silicone and wax earplugs, so that you can find the perfect earplug that suits your ear canal. We even have sample packs that contain earplugs for men and earplugs for women.