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Ohropax Foam Earplugs Soft – 5 Pairs

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Ohropax Soft is a silky smooth, anatomically shaped earplug made of special skin-friendly foam in a discrete colour. When fitted correctly, they are barely visible.

These super-soft foam earplugs from Ohropax are suitable for sleeping and snoring-relief. Each earplug gently expands inside the ear canal and provides comfortable and reliable noise protection. They can also be worn when relaxing, concentrating, studying and for general noise reduction.

When the outside world is just too noisy, the Ohropax Earplugs allow you to find your own quiet oasis of calm!


  • Protects your ears from noise, water and wind
  • Ideal for relaxation, sleeping and the workplace
  • Excellent sound blocking
  • Reusable soft earplugs
  • Skin-coloured earplugs that a barely visible
  • Noise reduction rating 30dB when used correctly
  • Supplied with carry / storage case


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