Ohropax Windwolle Earplugs


  • Great for Cycling & Hiking
  • Protects from wind & rain
  • Re-usable. Skin-coloured
  • Made from soft lamb’s wool

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Draughts, cold and moisture are extremely unpleasant for the sensitive human ear. However, it’s very easy to take precautions in good time, because with Ohropax Windwolle, your ears will be just fine whatever the weather. Simply add a pack of Ohropax Windwolle to your luggage and enjoy your trekking or hiking trip or a stroll along the stormy seaside with peace of mind.

Whatever the wind and weather conditions, Ohropax Windwolle protects your ears from cold, wind and moisture. Ohropax Windwolle also prevents water from getting into your ears while swimming, showering or washing your hair and keeps your ears dry and warm.

The pre-shaped earplugs made from natural sheep’s wool are water-repellent and are easy and comfortable to wear. The hearing and the normal ventilation of the ear are not impaired. The earplugs are also seawater-resistant and are ideally suited for children’s ears. Windwolle is also a sensible precaution for ventilation tubes and middle-ear inflammation. Please consult your ENT physician before use.

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