Ohropax Classic Wax Earplugs – 6 Pairs

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  • Effective noise protection
  • Discreet, skin coloured
  • Perfect for sleep & work
  • Wax moulds for perfect fit
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OHROPAX Classic earplugs have been a well-established noise protection product since 1907. These earplugs are unique in their composition – they are made from cotton wool soaked in a mixture of petroleum jelly and a variety of paraffin waxes. The product was so well conceived from the outset that it has barely changed right up to the present day.


  • OHROPAX Classic earplugs have already brought peace and quiet to millions of people
  • Ideally used for sleep, relaxation, a sense of well-being and meditation
  • Recommended for use during work requiring concentration, DIY activities and loud music
  • Discrete skin-coloured earplugs can be moulded to fit every ear
  • Made in accordance with the standard EN 352-2:1993



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