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Welcome to Zoom Health. We are a leading UK supplier of home health test kits, pregnancy tests, ovulation tests, drug tests, hearing protection, earplugs, vitamins and blood glucose meters.

At Zoom Health we provide easy access to medical self test kits for a wide range of common conditions. We only supply proven and reliable drug tests, pregnancy tests and health tests which can be used easily at home. Our simple-to-use home test kits range from allergy tests to thyroid tests.

Zoom Health are suppliers to the NHS and to private companies and individuals. We having been selling home health products online since 2007, so you can buy with confidence, knowing that you are dealing with a reputable company.




Health Benefits of Wearing Earplugs

Health Benefits of Wearing Earplugs

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What’s the Best Way to Clean Out My Ears? 

What’s the Best Way to Clean Out My Ears? 

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Earplugs for studying

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Latest Product Reviews

  1. Tony Melvan

    Easy test to use. Arrived next day and price was good. What more could i ask for?

    Home Diabetes Test

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  2. Andy Adams

    I hurt my back a few weeks ago and these heat pads worked well for me, helping me to cope with the pain. They stick on firmly and stay stuck on. They can also be worn under clothing without being seen. Price was good so I stocked up on a few packs. (Tip: They are even cheaper when you use a Zoom Health discount code…)

    Heat Relief Pads – Double Pack

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  3. Terry Brisley

    Great selection of earplugs at a good price. I only ordered them at 7pm and they arrive with me by 10/00am on the following day!

    Men’s Earplugs Sample Pack

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  4. Simon (verified owner)

    This product is very good i got the all clear i couldnt get a lot of blood but what i did get still confirmed i wasnt allergic

    Home Allergy Test Kit

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  5. C.P.Rixon (verified owner)

    Very easy to use and of course very reassuring will do it every year.

    Home Prostate Test

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  6. Emilia (verified owner)

    Very easy to use.

    Home Thyroid Test Kit

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  7. nadia Bates (verified owner)

    I received the tablets within a few days and the packaging is really good as the bag seals properly after each use. I have only been using the tablets for two weeks but have already seen a improvement in my general attitude and feel a lot calmer as my aim is to stop using tablets to control my severe pms and just general daily bitchiness. I took Agnus cactus for a week before stopping my anti depression tablets and so far its been really postive as I havent told my husband Ive stopped as normally when Ive tried in the past he can tell withing 2/3 that Ive stopped or lowered my dosage. Its been a week and he has not mentioned anything an dI feel a bit more in control of my temper. So far these tablets are making a huge difference and I hope it continues.

    The price was superb as well

    Agnus Castus – 1000mg (100 Tablets)

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  8. Janie South

    I’ve tried a few different earplugs but these are turning out to be my favourite. They are easy to fit and comfortable to wear and they reduce noise quite significantly. I have found them to be perfect for sleeping in. Quick delivery too.

    Quies Natural Wax Earplugs – 8 Pairs

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  9. Candy (verified owner)

    Really simple to use

    Home Diabetes Test

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  10. Helene Savva (verified owner)

    The needle system did not work and the plastic tube to direct the blood to the test unit useless. You need plenty of blood iwhen you can just drop the blood directly. The notice in english but not french. As i live in France, not pratic to explain to my french friend !
    So improvements can be made. Results in itself seem to précise. We will check with the physicien as the positif was very faint. Received rapidely.

    Stomach Ulcer Test (H Pylori)

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