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Allergy Tests includes Dog & Cat Hair, Pollen, Hayfever, Food Intolerance IgE

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The Benefits of Running an Allergy Test

Allergies can be difficult to diagnose because they can surface from so many variables in your life. Not all symptoms are illnesses or skin diseases but are actually allergic reactions to something specific. This is why many allergies can be misdiagnosed as asthma, eczema or other respiratory or skin conditions .

The sufferer ends up with prescriptions for steroids to treat eczema, inhalers for asthma or antihistamines for a runny nose. Unfortunately nothing seems to be solving the problem so it’s back to the doctor to try something else.

In order for a doctor to correctly diagnose a specific skin condition or a respiratory problem, he or she has to know the root of the problem. As allergies surface from just about anything someone touches, eats or inhales, a doctor’s diagnosis might end up being a hit or miss situation.

In many cases, finding a solution to a specific symptom might be found within the patient’s family. Allergies, in many cases, are passed down from parents to their children. A child’s risk of inheriting allergies can be as high as 80% if both parents are allergy sufferers or 50% if only one parent is allergy prone.

Of course there are situations where the patient knows what triggers their allergies and can be treated immediately, such as a bee sting or being around someone’s cat. But many people will end up not having a clue what has caused the problem.

As tests are run in order to diagnose asthma, eczema and rhinitis, why not run tests for allergies? In the UK alone, one in three people suffer from allergies brought on by an endless number of situations. Allergy tests can pinpoint the cause, allowing patients to know what they need to stay away from or what medications can be administered to control their specific allergy.

Why Some Suffer From Allergies While Others Don’t:

The symptoms are caused by the immune system which triggers skin welts, respiratory problems such as shortness of breath or intestinal problems from food digestion. The level of immunoglobulin E (IgE) allergy antibodies will dictate whether someone suffers from allergy reactions or not. High levels of lgE are associated with allergies and this can be detected with an allergy test.

If someone suffers from certain symptoms that seem to constantly reappear and a diagnosis never seems to clear it up, an allergy test is a good starting point.

How Does An Allergy Test Work?

The home health test has a sterile automatic finger pricker that takes a small spot of blood. After the test is completed in 30 minutes, the test cassette will give you the results of your antibody level, (whether your immunoglobulin E is normal or high). If the results are high, chances are your symptoms are being caused by an allergic reaction.

If further tests need to be run in order to diagnose the exact problem, allergists can run tests at a clinic or hospital. This simply entails them using a needle and placing small amounts of various triggers just under the skin of your arm and waiting a short while to see if any of them react with a skin welt.

Using the Allergy Test Kit


1) The sample is a blood drop taken with the painless sterile lancet contained in the box.


2) Obtain a big drop of blood by squeezing the finger.


3) Put the drop of blood on the indicated point on the device.


4) Add the diluent, wait for 10 minutes and read the result.

In Conclusion:

There are so many allergens in the air we breath, the foods we eat or products we come in contact with. Allergies can be allusive and sometimes frustrating to pinpoint. It can be helpful if you can remember what you were doing just before the allergic reaction struck. Do you start sneezing or suffer from runny eyes if you are around your neighbour’s pet? Did you eat something and start breaking out in a rash?

Understand one thing, should you have an immediate, serious reaction get to a doctor or hospital quickly! You might be having an anaphylactic attack which is an exaggerated allergic reaction and can be deadly!

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    Doctors are so expensive these days that having an at home allergy testing kit is a life saver. First, it’s reliable and accurate. That’s the most important part. Second, I don’t have to schedule a doctor appointment, take off work, pay crazy medical bills, and have the doctors force me to pay for tests I do not want. I will never allergy test any other way. This is it for me.

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