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Home Prostate Test / Tester. Checks the level of the Prostate Specific Antigen – PSA – in blood to verify a prostatic physiological alteration.

Men from 45 to 75 years old.

The PSA level in blood gives an indication of the physiological condition of the prostate. Values above the norm may show a hypertrophy of the prostate. Size variation could be benign – due to a soft inflammation, for example – but it could also have malign causes.

Checking the normality of the PSA value is a very good tool for verifying prostate health status and eventually taking the required preventive actions. In case of cancer, early detection and prevention can be life saving.

This home health test is based on an immunochromatographic reaction correlated to the reference laboratory test (EIA). The cut-off is calibrated at 4 ng/ml according to the international standard.


1) The sample is a blood drop taken with the painless sterile lancet contained in the box.


2) Obtain a big drop of blood by squeezing the finger.


3) Put the drop of blood on the indicated point on the device.


4) Add the diluent, wait for 10 minutes and read the result.

1 device for the test, 1 pipette and desiccant, 1 dropper vial containing 1 ml of diluent, 1 painless sterile lancet for blood sampling, instructions for use.

A PSA Test Can Identify Possible Problems With Your Prostate

According to a recent clinical study carried out in Sweden, a simple PSA test given to men between the ages of 45 and 49 could cut the number of prostate cancer-related deaths by nearly half. Now, there is a simple home health test that can provide you with some idea of how healthy or unhealthy your prostate is. The results can be used to detect cancer in its early stages.

Prostate Cancer: How To Know If You Possibly Have It

When the prostate gland is bigger than it should be or is cancerous, the body produces an excessive amount of chemical protein termed Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA, for short.) While a high amount of PSA is not a definitive sign of prostate cancer, it’s a sign that’s something is wrong and additional tests are needed.

While men over the age of 50 are qualified to attain a free PSA test, the Sweden study proves that men between the ages of 45 and 49 should be screened too. Of course, it will take some time before the NHS changes its screening policies. In the meantime, men concerned about their prostate can do a simple finger-prick test, in the comfort of their own home, to determine if there are any problems.

Both problems in peeing and sexual activity are signs that your prostate isn’t healthy. With a simple test from Zoom Health, you can alleviate your fears easily and quickly.

The prostate always releases the PSA protein, which gets into the bloodstream in minute amounts. However, if the prostate is releasing an excessive amount, it’s a sign that your prostate is in trouble (as are you). Possible problems include enlarged prostate, prostatitis or prostate cancer.

PSA Testing: When To Test and Reading The Results

The test will determine the amount of PSA protein in the bloodstream. If the test is positive for a potential problem, the lines will appear in various shades, unbroken and highly visible. Men 40 years and older should be tested on a regular basis to find early signs of possible problems. Healthy men – with no outward signs – should perform the test yearly.

What To Do About An Abnormal Test Reading

If the test gives you an abnormal reading, it’s imperative to see your doctor. Talk with your doctor before making any medical decisions about your health. Your doctor will likely order further tests to determine what is going on with your prostate.

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    Donald Cameron (verified owner)

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    Excellent product and reliable result.

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    Gary C. (verified owner)

    Easy to use and provide peace of mind. Quick delivery and a quality product

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    Very easy to use and of course very reassuring will do it every year.

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    • Paul (verified owner)

      Very easy to use and a small price to pay for peace of mind. My friend has just been diagnosed with prostate cancer which prompted me to do the home test. I think I’ll do it once a year from now on.

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    Chas K

    The kit arrived quickly and the instructions on how to use it were easy to follow. Recommended.

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    • Stephen

      In the absence of UK screening this kit can help early detection of prostate cancer and may have saved my life back in 2009, leading me to form the charity

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