ohropax-minisoft earplugs

Ohropax Mini Soft Earplugs – 5 Pairs

£6.99 £5.99

OHROPAX Mini Soft earplugs are ideal for children and adults with smaller ear canals. They reliably protect the ear against noise and annoying sounds. The earplugs are manufactured from a special skin-friendly foam, which expands gently in the ear to provide an excellent fit.


  • Smaller earplugs ideal for children and people with smaller ear canals
  • Effective noise blocking earplugs. Insulates up to 35 dB.
  • Re-usable. Made from gentle skin friendly soft foam. Ideal for kids. Easy to Use.
  • Perfect for small ears. Sleep and Study alike. High Quality Ear Protection.
  • Contains 5 pairs in a handy protective case. Brightly Coloured.


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