Foam Earplugs for Sleeping

Foam earplugs can calm snores and block out traffic noise. They are also incredibly good value for money. Many people use foam earplugs at bedtime. Some of the most popular polyurethane foam earplugs now offer an incredible sound reduction rating of 37db.

At Zoom Health we are proud to offer one of the widest and most diverse range of foam earplugs for sleeping, available anywhere. We hope that you will be able to find that special earplug that works best for you. If you are not sure which earplug to choose, why not opt for one of our earplug sleep packs. The packs contain samples of many of the most popular foam earplugs for sleeping, as well as samples of wax and silicone type. We even have special earplug sleep packs for men and for women!


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