E-A-R Soft FX Earplugs

From £3.49

  • E-A-R Soft FX Earplugs
  • Made from Slow Recovery Foam
  • Smooth tapered finish for easier fitting
  • Flange shape makes the ear plug very easy to fit
  • Attenuation rating (SNR) 39 Decibel

The E-A-R Soft FX earplug from 3M has a smooth tapered shape that ensures comfort within the ear canal. This is our highest attenuating ear plug, offering an amazing SNR of 39dB.

The flange shape, when rolled down, serves as a very effective insertion device which makes the earplug very easy to fit.

The EAR Soft FX earplug is slightly larger than average for an earplug. This means that it may not fit smaller ear canals. We highly recommend that you consider buying one of our Sample Packs for your initial purchase.


  • Low pressure foam expands gently for comfortable long-term wear.
  • Easy insertion earplug due to unique flange shape
  • Hefty protection earplug – SNR 39dB
  • Manufactured by 3M
  • Individually wrapped pairs

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