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Similar to fingerprints, every pair of ears is different and it isn’t possible to know ahead of time which earplugs will work for you. This can only be done by trial and error.

The good news is that we offer a variety of assortment packs, which makes it easy for you to find the perfect size earplugs for your ears. Our bestselling earplugs are grouped into assortment packs. This allows you to try different earplug sizes so that you can find the perfect pair. With our popular assortment packs, we know you will find the ones that suit you best.

A combination of silicone, wax and foam earplugs are included in many packs. To get the best from the earplugs, try them at the time and in the environment that you will eventually be using them. It won’t be effective to use them during the day time if you plan on using them next to a snorer at night.

We suggest throwing out the ones that didn’t work for you and make note of the ones that did. By doing this, you can easily order the ones that work for you.

Choose Earplug Sample Packs

Women’s Earplugs Sample Pack

We’ve put together a great sample bag of goodies, featuring our favourite earplugs for women. Because some ladies have smaller ear canals than men, we have tried to choose a range of smaller earplugs that we think will fit best, as well as adding some of our big sellers that have equal appeal for both men and women. A great selection of earplugs for sleeping, travelling and general wear.

Men’s Earplugs Sample Pack

This men’s earplugs sample pack allow you to try a selection of earplugs so that you can see see which ones feel and work best. Because no two ear canals are exactly alike, we can’t accurately tell you which earplugs will work best for you. Trial and error is the best way here. Our sample packs are very popular and we are sure that this selection of men’s earplugs shelp help you find your favourite earplug too!

Snore Blocking Soft Foam Sleeping Earplugs

To take the stress out of choosing earplugs for the first time, we have put together a special six pack of earplugs. In one handy selection we offer you six of the best anti-snoring, easy sleeping earplugs!

Snore Relief Calming MAX Foam Earplugs (7 Pairs)

These Earplugs are specially designed to combat the noise of a snoring partner. Made from polyurethane foam, they offer superior noise-blocking performance from snoring and most loud noises. They boast an impressive noise reduction rating of 37db.

Earplug Sample Box – Extreme Protection

Discover the best earplugs for maximum noise reduction with our Extreme Protection Earplug Sample Box. Each box contains 15 pairs of high-performance foam earplugs from trusted brands like 3M, Howard Leight, Mack’s, and Moldex. With noise reduction ratings up to 39dB, this variety pack allows you to find the perfect fit and extreme protection for loud environments – whether you’re at work, studying, attending events, or sleeping. The sample box includes a range of shapes, sizes, and foam types, along with a sturdy travel case and fitting instructions.

Mack’s Earplug Sample Box

The Mack’s Earplug Sample Box is a convenient variety pack that allows you to try out different types of Mack’s top-selling earplugs to find the perfect fit for your needs. It includes multiple pairs of various styles like Maximum Protection, Original, Ultra Soft, Slim Fit, Dreamgirl, Ear Ammo, Covert Ops, Snore Blockers, and Sound Asleep earplugs, with noise reduction ratings ranging from 30-33 decibels. The pack also comes with a premium aluminum carrying case for easy storage and portability, enabling you to discover the ideal earplug solution for sleeping, studying, work, travel, and other situations where noise reduction is required.

3M Earplug Sample Box

The Earplug Sample Box from 3M and Zoom Health is a convenient variety pack that includes 18 different types of top-quality 3M earplugs, ranging in noise reduction ratings from 14 dB to 39 dB. This affordable box allows individuals to try out various earplug options and find the ones that best suit their unique ears and hearing protection needs, whether for sleeping, working, or attending loud events, without committing to full packs of earplugs that might not be the right fit.

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