Moldex Pura Fit Earplugs 7700

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  • Moldex Pura-Fit Earplugs
  • Soft polyurethane foam offers maximum wearer comfort
  • High protection earplug – SNR 33dB
  • Manufactured by Moldex
  • Hygienically packaged in pairs in biodegradable paper pouches
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Moldex Pura-Fit foam earplugs are tapered so they are easier to insert in any size ear canal. Because they are also longer, they are easier to hold. The tapered shape helps anchor the plug within the ear canal, preventing the need for constant adjustment and possible cross contamination.

Our customers love these earplugs because they are made from super soft foam and don’t push too hard against the ear canal. This means that they can be worn for long periods with an amazing degree of comfort.

Great Earplugs for Sleeping

If you are looking for an earplug to use at night, this could be the one. High levels of noise reduction mean that they will easily block out noises from outside of your bedroom. and, if the cause of your disturbance is a sleeping partner, these earplugs can help block out that noise too!

Also Good for Motorcycling!

These earplugs are extremely good for noise reduction when riding your motorbike. We have had some great reports, many bikers report that they are easy to wear under a crash helmet, and for long periods, without discomfort. For this reason we often recommend these Moldex Pura-Fit earplugs to those who are looking for a cheap motorcycling earplug.

Moldex-Pura fit Earplugs – the extra-soft ones!

These earplugs are made from extra-soft, extra light foam. They seal gently and snugly without pressure. So comfortable, you’ll forget you might forget that you are wearing earplugs!

Noise reduction: approx 36dB.

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