FirmFit Earplugs

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  • Longer wear time comfort
  • SNR 30dB provides excellent protection
  • Easy to Insert
  • Softer
  • Less expansion pressure on the ear

The experts at Howard Leight know a lot about Earplugs and one of the things they have established is that some people like to have a firmer earplug in their ear. For this reason they developed FirmFit earplugs,

Users of FirmFit earplugs enjoy the fact that they can feel the earplug in their ear as it gives them a greater sense of security. However, this does not mean that the earplug is uncomfortable. On the contrary, this earplug was designed with comfort in mind and can be worn for extended periods quite happily. Independent tests have shown that the FirmFit earplug outperforms the leading classic-style earplug, providing users with a very comfortable option.

Benefits of FirmFit Earplugs

  • Longer wear time comfort
  • Greater Protection: SNR 30dB provides excellent protection
  • Easy to Insert: Requires less pressure to roll down.
  • Slow recovery rate gives you plenty of time to correctly insert in ear canal.
  • Easy to See: Distinct warning orange colour makes compliance checks easy.
  • Softer: You can feel that FirmFit is softer when you hold it.
  • Less Pressure: FirmFit exerts less expansion pressure on the ear canal.

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