Howard Leight Quiet Corded Earplugs


  • NO-ROLL DESIGN Easy to handle and fit in the ear canal.
  • BUILT-IN INSERTION STEM Makes insertion quick and easy.
  • CONTOURED SHAPE Comfortably matches contours of the ear canal.
  • SMOOTH, NON-IRRITATING SKIN Provides all day comfort,
  • Easy to clean for long-term use
  • SNR: 28dB
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These Howard Leight Quiet corded earplugs are designed to be inserted into the ears without the user having to roll them down. Their contoured bell-shaped design has been specially developed to make these earplugs easy to fit. Also a handy insertion stem means that any contaminants on the hands are not transferred to the ear canal when fitting.

The smooth skin on these earplugs is easy to wash to maintain excellent hygiene when reusing, while the attached cord allows them to be worn around the neck when not in use.

Howard Leight Quiet Corded Earplugs are also available as uncorded earplugs.

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