3M E-A-R Classic Superfit Earplugs

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  • Cylindrical shape that fits most ear canals
  • Unique ‘fitting ring’ helps achieve perfect fit
  • Smaller in diameter and length than standard earplugs
  • Fit smaller ear canals
  • Also for those looking for slightly lower attenuation
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£M E-A-R Superfit 33 Pillow Pack Earplugs are smaller in diameter and height than standard earplugs. This allows them to  fit smaller ear canals. They are also useful for those people who are looking for slightly lower attenuation.

3M E-A-R SuperFit Earplugs are the only ear plug with the unique ‘fitting ring’ to easily see when the earplug is correctly fitted. When no orange colour is visible, the best fit is achieved.

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