3M EARsoft Yellow Neon Blasts Earplugs

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  • Imported Earplugs from USA 🇺🇸
  • Protection for all situations and long or continuous exposure to noise
  • Smooth tapered foam ear plugs
  • Easy insertion and excellent comfort
  • Offers a good seal and evenly distributes pressure
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For the earplug connoisseurs out there, we now stock this limited edition 3M EARsoft Yellow Neon Blasts. This earplugs are normally only available in the USA, so Zoom Health is one of the few places where you can purchase these beauties in the UK.

3M EARsoft Yellow Neons are one of the most popular ranges of foam earplugs that we sell at Zoom Health. Users love them. Maybe it’s because the soft, smooth, tapered shape make the EARsoft Yellow Neons the industry‘s most comfortable earplug.

All Day Wearability

These earplugs are designed to fit perfectly and feel comfortable in the ear. The proven design features an improved formula for increased softness, all-day comfort and a secure fit in a wide range of ear canals. 3M EARsoft neon blasts are made from the finest hypoallergenic material which means they are will not irritate your skin.

These earplugs have a smooth texture for in-ear comfort and are made of an advanced foam formulation for all-day wearability. 3M EARsoft Yellow Neon Blasts seal the ear canal with soft, slow-recovery foam for noise reduction and reliable hearing protection.

The tapered earplugs are easy to roll down and insert, then expand within the ear canal for a comfortable, secure fit.

High Levels Of Sound Protection

3M Earsoft soft foam earplugs in neon yellow colour are easy to roll down and insert, then expand within the ear canal thus protects ear drums from sound up to 33 dB. These hearing protectors help to greatly reduce exposure to hazardous noise and other loud sounds.

Brightly Coloured Earplugs

Brightly coloured for hearing protection compliance sighting, EARsoft Yellow Neon Blasts are an excellent choice for any hearing conservation programme.

Earplug Features:

• Protects up to 33 dB.
• Cord type: Uncorded
• Regular size fits most ear canals
• Individually wrapped pairs, keeps earplugs clean before use
• These foam earplugs offer a soft, low-pressure solution for comfortable wear
• Soft foam earplugs are easy to roll down and insert, then expand within the ear canal for maximum comfort
• Brightly coloured earplugs are preferred by most workers and easy to spot in compliance checks
• High attenuation earplugs are ideal for many different noisy applications
• Smooth textured earplugs for in-ear comfort
• Advanced foam formulation for all-day wearability

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