What are Breathe Right nasal strips?

Breathe Right are drug-free, non-prescription nasal strips also called snoring aids which automatically works to open nasal passages and minimise air flow resistance through the nose, easing the breathing process. These strips come in form of flexible adhesive bands which can be laid externally top the bridge of the nose. Breathe right nasal strip are recommended for individuals battling with nasal congestion caused by cold or certain allergies. Although not largely viewed as a solution to permanently stop snoring, one of the chief advantages of this strip is its ability to lessen or eradicate snoring when in use.

Bruce Johnson, the creator of the Breathe Right nasal strip, in 1991, had problems with breathing properly through his nose at night; he pondered “why not try opening the nasal passages mechanically from the outside of the nose?” Following 3 years of progress, his invention became a reality. In 1992, he patented the product and launched it on the market.

In the United Kingdom, the popularity of nasal strips as a performance-boosting aid (since they provide better sleep) when used grew immensely as they were endorsed by a famous Liverpool football striker, Robbie Fowler.

How do Breathe Right nasal strips work?

Breathe Right nasal strips are one-time use flexible, “spring-like” bands. There is a sticky layer on the underside of each strip which holds it in place on the outer side of the nose directly atop the flare of each nostril. When the bands try to smooth down themselves, they lift up both sides of the nose, leaving the nasal passages open.

The human nose is split into two nostrils. The nasal valve, a small opening measuring around 1/10” wide is located at the end of each nostril. Every air we breathe through our nose has to flow through these two small openings. These nasal valves can become easily clogged, usually from nasal congestion caused by cold or certain allergic reactions. The Breathe Right strip increases these small openings by pulling apart the cartilage walls of the nasal valves, thereby easing the breathing process.

What are the options for Breathe Right nasal strips?

Every Breathe Right product is endorsed and certified for use by individuals aged 5 years and above. The maker claims that the product widens the nasal passages by nearly 38% more than could be achieved using only nasal decongestant sprays.

  • Breathe Right Original nasal strips are manufactured in two sizes, small/medium and large.
  • Breathe Right Extra is 50% resilient than the original.
  • Breathe Right Clear is prescribed for individuals having sensitive or dry skin. It gives identical benefits as Breathe Right Original, and comes in two sizes, small/medium and large.
  • Breathe Right Extra Clear gives similar advantages as Breathe Right Clear in addition to being 50% sturdier.
  • Breathe Right Lavender gives similar advantages as the Breathe Right Original in addition to having soothing lavender scent.