Breathe Right – 10 Large Nasal Strips


  • 10 Large Breathe Right Strips
  • Instantly open your nasal passages
  • Help you breathe better, instantly!
  • Can be used day or night
  • Drug free
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Breathe Right Nasal Strips

Breathe Right Nasal Strips are a non-prescription, drug-free product designed to open blocked nasal passages. The nasal strips help in reducing the resistance to air flowing through the nasal passages and improving the ability to breathe through the nose.

How does the nasal strip work?

Breathe Right Nasal Strips are mechanical in function. Each strip comes with a flexible spring-like band. The underside of the strip is coated with a special adhesive which, when placed on the nose, works to straighten the bands to their original position and open the nasal passages for easy breathing.

When are nasal strips used? Who benefits from them?

Breathe Right Nasal Strips can be used by people who are experiencing a congested nose and would like to open their nasal valves. The strips are fit to be used according to convenience.

Do these strips help with snoring?

Though not intended to, Breathe Right Nasal Strips can help with snoring as they work on improving the airflow in the nasal passages. In a clinical study, 90% of users reported reduced snoring and a better sleep with Breathe Right Nasal Strips.

Note: Breathe Right Nasal Strips are not suited for children below the age of 5 years. The strips are made with the use of a medical-grade adhesive. The package is sealed using rubber latex so caution towards latex allergies should be considered. The strips are not to be used on irritated, sun-burned, and sore skin.

What size is right for me?

These Breathe Right Nasal Strips come in two sizes – Small/Medium and Large. In our experience, we have found that the small/medium size strips fitĀ  75% of adult noses. The large size strips are ideal for the remaining 25% who have larger noses.

We also sell larger packs, which contain 30 Large Breathe Right nasal strips.

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