A Negative Blood Type

A negative blood type

In the UK, only 1 in 13 people have A negative blood. If you are a blood donor who has A negative blood, you can donate to anybody with a blood type of A or AB, regardless of the positive or negative. But, if you have A negative blood you can only receive A- or … Read more

O Positive Blood Type

O Positive Blood Type

The O Positive Blood Type is the most commonly found in the UK. Approximately 1 in 3 blood donors have this blood type, 34% of the UK population in total. O positive is the blood type most commonly requested by hospitals, this is because the blood can be used by 76% of people, as anyone … Read more

A Positive Blood Type

A Positive Blood Type

Your blood type is determined by genes inherited from your parents. In the UK, about 30% of the population has A positive blood. This makes it the second most common blood type after O positive (36%). Blood type distribution by country is not always the same. In Germany for example, the A Positive blood type … Read more

O Negative Blood Type

O negative blood type

People that have an O negative blood type are often known as universal donors. This is because their blood is suitable for all types of blood transfusions. O negative blood is often is great demand from hospitals. It is the blood type that is used most, which can make it in short supply. It is … Read more

How Can I Find My Blood Type?

eldoncard blood type test

Blood type basics You will have one of four types of blood, specifically A, B, AB, and O. The blood type you have is determined by your genetics.  Blood types are further classified as positive or negative, which refers to Rh factor.  The Rh factor is a protein that is found on the surface of … Read more

Why Protecting Your Child’s Hearing Is So Important

ear protection for children

Jan van der Borden, ENT specialist at the BovenIJ Hospital in Amsterdam, covered it perfectly when he stated that protecting our children’s hearing is so important because their ears have to last a lifetime! Our babies and toddlers’ ears are extremely vulnerable, and ENT specialists are continuously warning parents of the ever-growing number of young … Read more

The Best Earplugs for Bikers

Earplugs for Bikers

It can be difficult to describe to people who aren’t fans of motorbikes, but the sound of a finely tuned engine is truly one of the best sounds in the world. The warmth and richness of the music a motorbike makes showcases its performance, power, and personality; turning heads and getting hearts fluttering as it … Read more

Home Diabetes Test Review – Boots vs Zoom Health

Product Review Boots Home Diabetes Test Kit

A Home Diabetes Test is a quick and simple kit that allows a person to quickly determine if they could be suffering from diabetes and should thus seek professional, medical advice. Boots is a British health and beauty retailer and pharmacy chain with over 2,500 shops across the United Kingdom and Ireland. For many people, … Read more

The Best Allergy Test for Under £10

Best Allergy Test for Under £10

In this article we will discuss the Prima Home Allergy Test Kit, which we see as the best allergy test for under £10 in the UK. The last 12 months have tested us all. With the NHS being pushed to it’s limit, we have had to sometimes take our health into our own hands in … Read more

Earplugs for Presidents

earplugs for presidents

Joe Biden will be sworn in as the 46th President of the United States on January 20th 2021. As we all know, it’s a tough job and we wish him all the best. Joe has probably got great hearing but he might want to invest in some earplugs in order to keep it that way. … Read more

Boots Wax Earplugs Review

muffles boots wax earplugs review

Boots Wax Earplugs are also known as Muffles Wax Earplugs and are part of the wide range of hearing protection products offered by the big name, high-street pharmacy. In this review we will be studying these earplugs to see how they compare against some of the other plugs offered by established earplug brands such as … Read more