Haspro Earplugs awarded Product Discovery of the Year 2020

haspro earplugs 2020 award

2020 has been a difficult year for us all, so we were really pleased to hear that our friends at Haspro Earplugs have just been awarded a prestigious award in their native Poland. Haspro earplugs were awarded a “Consumer’s Laurel” in the Product Discovery of the Year 2020 category. The prize was very well deserved … Read more

NEW: Vegan Omega 3 6 & 9 (Flaxseed) 1000mg Capsules

Vegan Omega 3 6 & 9 capsules

Lindens Vegan Omega 3 6 & 9 capsules are now in stock and available to order. Previously, this product was sold as “Vegetarian Omega 3 6 & 9 capusles” but have now been rebrandedto reflect that the formulation is also vegan friendly. Omega 3, 6 and 9 are important fatty acids, contributing to the maintenance … Read more

Sleep Apnoea: What Is It and How Can It Be Treated?

Sleep Apnoea is a sleep disorder. It’s a common but serious disorder whereby people stop breathing for short periods of time while asleep, resulting in their brain receiving insufficient oxygen. The person’s breathing-pauses will typically last between 10 and 20 seconds and can occur anywhere from 5 to more than 100 times per night. During … Read more

How To Block Sound from Noisy Neighbours

Block Sound From Noisy Neighbours

You were forced into isolation, but who knew it would have been this noisy?  You never realised how noisy it gets when everyone is at home at the same time. It could be your kids that are noisy or perhaps your neighbour’s. People are taking the time to do renovations, which could also get noisy. … Read more

What is the Blood Type Diet?

With the obesity epidemic growing ever larger, new diet crazes are sweeping the world with recommendations to help you get slim and trim. Some of these diets are proven to not work, while others may lead to initial weight loss, but the pounds come right back after the diet is over. Could the blood type … Read more

Menopace – The Supplement Most Trusted By Menopausal Women

OnePoll did a survey recently of one thousand menopausal women and they voted that the Menopace supplement by Vitabiotics is the most trusted menopause supplement available. Support Through Menopause All women eventually experience menopause as they grow older. Menopace helps to control hormonal activity with the inclusion of vitamin B6. The health and strength of … Read more

Earplugs of The Week – Moldex Mellows

Moldex Mellow Earplugs

This week we’ve chosen Moldex Mellow Earplugs as our Earplugs of the Week. Moldex Mellows are one of our favourite earplugs, purely because they are different. They are not aiming to offer the highest level of protection from sound. Instead, these Earplugs are designed for protection against lower noise levels, when noise is harmful but … Read more

How To Have A Healthy Vegan Pregnancy

How To Have A Healthy Vegan Pregnancy

Are you pregnant or currently trying to get pregnant? Are you a vegan or following a plant-based diet? You might be asking yourself if it’s safe to keep up with your diet while being pregnant. Is a vegan diet the proper diet for you during pregnancy? Will a vegan diet have any impact on your … Read more

Staying Safe During The COVID-19 Pandemic

6 Ways to Look After Your Health During Lockdown

Perhaps the easiest way to protect yourself, your family and others during the COVID-19 pandemic is to simply stay at home. And while this is the most obvious solution, and many don’t currently have a choice, there are a few things to keep in mind as you try to protect yourself, both physically and mentally, … Read more

Is There a Connection between Vitamin D and COVID-19?

Can Vitamin D Help In the Fight Against COVID 19?

With the coronavirus pandemic continuing its trail of destruction around the world, and currently no vaccine in sight, it’s only natural that many people are searching for different ways to build up their defence against this virus. Originally, Vitamin D and its ability to boost the immune system were ignored; however, Health Secretary Matt Hancock … Read more