The Struggles of Side Sleepers: Finding the Right Earplugs

Side sleepers face unique challenges when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep. According to a 2013 survey for National Sleep Day, a majority of adults (74%) sleep on their sides. However, many earplugs on the market today are not optimized for side sleeping, causing discomfort and poor noise blocking.

In this article, we will review the top three earplugs specifically designed with side sleepers in mind. These products address common issues like ear canal discomfort, plug dislodgement, and ineffective noise blocking. Read on to discover which earplugs can help side sleepers finally get the deep, uninterrupted sleep they need.


clear silicone earplugs from zoom health

Our own Zoom Health Silicone Earplugs (£9.99 for a pack of six pairs) are made of soft, malleable silicone that conforms to the unique contours of each person’s ear canal. This adjustable fit prevents the earplugs from jabbing into the side of the head when sleeping on one’s side, a common complaint with cheaper foam earplugs.

The silicone material also dampens sound effectively, reducing noise by 32 decibels. This is enough to block out snoring partners, noisy neighbors, and other disruptive nighttime sounds. The lightweight silicone putty feels comfortable all night, without weighing down the ear canal. Available in a choice of four colours – blue, clear, orange and rose.

With their adjustable fit and noise-blocking abilities, the Zoom Health Silicone Earplugs are an excellent choice for side sleepers seeking uninterrupted rest.


For an all-natural earplug option, the Noise-X Natural Wax Earplugs (£5.99 for a pack of six pairs) are made of soft cotton and lanolin wax. Before inserting, the wax is warmed between the hands, allowing it to conform perfectly to the unique shape of the ear canal.

This customisable fit, combined with the ultra-soft wax material, prevents any jabbing or pressure points on the side of the head. The natural wax also blocks sound effectively, reducing ambient noise by 23 decibels.

As an added benefit, the cotton-lanolin wax is hypoallergenic, making these earplugs ideal for those with sensitive skin or latex allergies. Overall, the Noise-X Natural Wax Earplugs offer an all-natural, customizable fit for side sleepers seeking a peaceful night’s rest.


Alpine SleepSoft Earplugs

Alpine SleepSoft Earplugs (£13.99) stand out for their unique flexible design that adapts comfortably to the ear canal. Unlike rigid reusable earplugs, the SleepSoft has a soft, pliable body that adjusts to the natural contours of each person’s ears.

This flexible design prevents any stabbing or jabbing sensations, even when sleeping on one’s side all night long. Despite their softness, the SleepSoft Earplugs block noise effectively, reducing ambient sounds by 25 decibels. They allow for critical noises like alarms to remain audible.

Made of hypoallergenic thermo-fit material without latex or silicone, the Alpine SleepSoft Earplugs are ideal for those with sensitive skin. Their flexible fit and noise blocking abilities make them a top choice for side sleepers.

Find Sweet Dreams with the Right Earplugs

Side sleepers have unique needs when it comes to sleeping soundly. The top earplugs for these sleep positions are flexible, comfortable, and provide effective noise reduction without jabbing the ear canal. Whether made of soft silicone, natural wax, or thermo-fit materials, these earplugs conform to the sleeper’s head and ears, blocking noise while preventing discomfort.

With the open ear canal discomfort plaguing side sleepers addressed, these earplugs can finally provide a great night’s sleep. No more tossing and turning from an ill-fitting earplug or outside noise. Just sweet dreams and restful slumber.

Photo by Anthony Cunningham for Zoom Health

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