Zoom Health Silicone Earplugs – CLEAR

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  • Zoom Health CLEAR
  • 6 Pairs of Silicone Earplugs
  • with carry case
  • 32dB NRR
  • Great for sleeping
  • Perfect for working in
  • Waterproof for swimming
  • Also in BLUE, ORANGE and ROSE

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Zoom Health Silicone earplugs can be worn whenever, or wherever, you need to protect your ears from unwanted noise or water. They are one of the most versatile earplugs we offer as they are so versatile and reliable. This makes them a true customer favourite. Some of the advantages of using these earplugs include:

  • EASY TO SHAPE – The soft, silicone, from which these earplugs are made, is extremely easy to shape. This is because it is very soft and this allows the earplug to be moulded to fit the shape of any ear. If you are looking for an earplug that can be used for swimming, working or sleeping, this one can be used for all three!
  • BIGGER – We make these earplugs bigger than many of the competing earplugs you might see around. This means that you can be sure the earplug will fit if you have a larger ear canal. For those people, with smaller ear canals, the earplug can be easily broken into smaller pieces, allow you to mould the exact size of earplug you need. You will always get a perfect fit!
  • VERSATILE – Every wanted one earplug that could cope in a variety of situations? Well this is the one. Side sleepers will like this earplug as it stays in your ear when you wear it at night. During the day, the earplug is just as useful if you want peace and quiet studying or dry ears when in the pool or shower.
  • NATURAL COLOUR – The clear, colour of these earplugs means that they can be worn without attracting attention, providing subtle ear protection.
  • REUSABLE – Look after these earplugs and the will last you a good while. The can be quickly rinsed under the tap before being allowed to dry for future wear.
  • 6 PAIRS IN EACH PACK -You will never go short of earplugs with this large, 6 pair pack. You may even want to share your earplugs with a partner or friend!
  • FREE CARRY CASE – The Zoom Health silicone earplugs can be stored cleanly and safely in their handy travel case. No need to fret about losing earplugs in your bag or pocket.

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