Earplugs in Eco-Friendly Packaging

The problem with plastic and plastic bi-products is that they’re very stable, meaning that once they’ve been discarded they remain in the environment for a long time, especially if they’re buried in landfills. Because they’re shielded from direct sunlight in landfills it can take up to 450 years for a plastic bottle to decompose and up to 1,000 years for a plastic bag!

Plastic is everywhere, and sadly, most plastic products like bags, water bottles, straws, etc. are thrown away after just one use. The truth is that plastic is not biodegradable, it simply breaks down into tiny pieces called microplastics, too small to see with the human eye, but they’re still there. Because of plastic pollution, everything suffers, from the health of humans, fish, birds, and animals, to tourism, business, and recreation. It’s incalculable just how much damage is being done to not only humans, but the oceans and our precious wildlife.

At Zoom Health We Care!

We care about the environment, and we’re doing everything in our power at Zoom Health to reduce our use of plastic and plastic by-products. Recycling paper and cardboard is easily taken care of, but we are concerned about our contribution to the unnecessary and dangerous use of plastic.

How We’re Changing

In the past, some of our earplugs have been packaged in plastic bags. We won’t be using plastic anymore, and future orders will be delivered in a beautiful little organza bag. Besides being environmentally friendly, these cute and classy organza bags are woven with nylon and finished with a satin drawstring. They are easy to seal with the drawstring and they come in many great colours. And just to show how fashionable we are at Zoom Health, we’ll endeavour to match the colour of the earplugs you order to your organza bag!

Comparing Organza with Plastic

Compared to the inordinate amount of time it takes for plastic to break down, organza only takes between 1 and 5 years to decompose, depending of course on the blend. Traditionally made from silk, organza is a plain, thin-weave fabric that can also be woven with nylon or polyester, thus making it more practical and durable.

Our re-usable organza bags are sourced from India and manufactured within Cottage Industries, which means that this stylish fabric is ethically sourced and environmentally friendly. People working in these factories are well paid, thus contributing to a better life for the people living in the villages in which our organza bags are produced.

Organza Bags and the Environment

Here at Zoom Health we’re excited about our new organza bags because, not only are they beautiful and reusable, they create a low carbon footprint. The material used in making these organza bags is locally sourced, the bags are man-made, and they are shipped by sea to the United Kingdom.

Which Earplugs Can Now Be Bought in Eco-Friendly Packaging?

All of our earplug sample packs can now be bought in environmentally friendly, organza packaging. Our biggest selling earplug sleep pack is the Women’s Earplugs Sample Pack. This earplug selection pack comes in an attractive organza bag, and is shipped in recycled cardboard packaging, with recycled paper instructions. You can even choose the colour of the bag in which the earplugs are supplied. At present we offer a choice of 8 different colours.

Other earplug sample packs that can be bought in eco-friendly packaging include the Men’s Earplugs Sample Pack, our inexpensive Snore Blocking Earplugs Pack and our Snore Calming Max Relief Earplugs Pack.

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This post was originally published in March 2019 and has been updated regularly since.

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