Child Swim Earplugs

Hush Plugz Children Swim Earplugs – 3 Pairs

£5.99 £4.49

These high quality swimming earplugs have been specially developed for childrens’ ears. They are designed to stop water entering the ear canal, helping to reduce the risk of infection and reduce pressure on the ear.

For children that regularly swim they are perfect and can be used on holiday or in the local swimming pool when swimming for recreation or with school. They are simple to fit and seal the ear canal to help prevent entry of water. All pairs are fitted with a safety cord.

Even the best earplugs will not work properly if they are not fitted correctly. These child swim earplugs come with clear, easy to follow diagrams to show users how to fit the earplug correctly. This will allow you to gain optimum benefit and satisfaction from the product.

These child swim earplugs come with a handy, pocket sized carry case. The carry case helps to protect the earplugs when traveling or on the move.

  • Creates a good water resistant seal to minimise the risk of infection
  • Smaller sized swim plugs designed especially for children
  • Fits ear canal diameter 7mm – 12mm
  • Ideal for holidays and recreational swimming
  • Value for money 3 pair pack
  • Comes with safety cord to help stop plugs being lost
  • Supplied in a pocket sized carry case


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