Zoggs Silicone Putty Swimming EarPlugs – Clear, Pack of 4


Zoggs silicone swimming ear plugs are soft & pliable for ultra comfort and confidence during each and every swim.

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If you suffer from terrible ear problems or have hearing problems after putting your head under water, these Zoggs Swimming Earplugs may well be the answer for you!

These earplugs are easy to mould and are very comfortable when swimming. Not everyone’s ears are the same size or shape and these are able to mould into place to give you the perfect fit.Once fitted, they don’t let water in and can be used many times.

Although these earplugs are designed for swimming, they can be worn in other situations too. Many customers report that they have successfully worn these at night to muffle the noise of a partner snoring or grinding teeth!

This pack of Zoggs Swimming Earplugs contains 4 earplugs in a handy carry case.

Zoggs Swimming Earplugs

  • 4 soft pliable silicone putty ear plugs
  • Mould easily to fit the outer ear
  • Includes handy carry case

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