Should You Wear Earplugs on an Aeroplane?

Why Do You Need to Wear Earplugs When Flying on an Airplane?

When flying, do you feel pain in your ears? Do you hate travelling because you know your eardrums are going to hurt? You can end the suffering once and for all! The solution to this problem is fairly simple: when flying use earplugs!

Why Do Our Ears Ache When Flying on a Plane?

Compared to the atmospheric pressure on the ground, the pressure in the plane is lower. It is actually equivalent to the atmospheric pressure you would experience at high altitudes like on mountains or at 2,000 meters high on average. Even though planes are depressurized, it isn’t easy to recreate the exact atmospheric pressure conditions as at ground level. A lot of kerosene is needed for this process, making it expensive.

Earaches are a result of the internal and external pressure difference. The body uses the Eustachian tube, a tube that connects the middle ear to the nasopharynx, to adjust itself. The air found in the middle ear never comes into direct contact with the external atmosphere. The Eustachian tube’s active opening is needed for pressure equalization between the outside atmosphere and the middle ear, particularly when flying on an airplane.

The process is gradual and it takes some time. Plane travel might result in pressure variations that are too extreme for the ears and it might be difficult for them to adjust. It takes too much time for the ears to adjust and as a result, the pressure difference impacts the tympanic membranes.

How Do Earplugs for Flying Function?

Earplugs for flying act like a “pad” to minimize the atmospheric variations impact. This has a number of benefits:
• Minimise the discomfort and the ache;
• Prevent hearing losses;
• Stop ears from getting blocked.

In more severe cases, people who suffer from earaches while flying experience the following symptoms:
• Light headedness;
• Buzzing in the ears;
• Bleedings;
• Nausea or vomiting.

Which are the Best Earplugs for Flying?

The most popular earplugs for flyers were designed in the USA by Cirrus Healthcare. EarPlanes are pressure-regulating earplugs which have been specifically designed to be used on an aeroplane. They are designed to be regulate air pressure discomfort and reduce harsh noise. They are available for both adults and for children.

Alpine earplugs also offer a range called FlyFit, which are also very popular with our frequent flyers.

To have the best possible flight, wear earplugs to protect your ears. Travel safely!

Best Earplugs for Flying

earplugs for flying

Earplugs for Flying – Soft Foam Aeroplane Earplugs with Travel Case

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10 Pairs of Earplugs For Flying with Travel Carry Case with fitting instructions Help prevent pain in ears whilst flying Can help with sleeping on planes ...
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EarPlanes Travel Earplugs - Adult

EarPlanes Travel Earplugs – Adult

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EarPlanes Earplugs from Zoom Health EarPlanes are pressure-regulating earplugs which are inserted in the ear to help reduce discomfort often associated with air travel. They were developed by Cirrus Healthcare in the USA and have been tested and used by the US Navy aviators. EarPlanes are made up two elements: ...
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EarPlanes Travel Earplugs - Children

EarPlanes Travel Earplugs – Children

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These EarPlanes earplugs are suitable for children aged 5-10 years old. They are also great for adults with smaller ear canals ...
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Alpine FlyFit Earplugs for Flying

Alpine FlyFit Earplugs for Flying

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When you put a pair of FlyFit earplugs into your ears, magical things happen – loud fellow passengers become less of a distraction and the unpleasant pressure differences that cause so much aggravation, just disappear. Earplugs from Zoom Health 1 Pair of Alpine FlyFit Earplugs FREE Cleaner FREE Carry Case ...
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Photo Credit: “cabin_crew_service_(4)” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Austrian Airlines