Earplugs for Flying – Soft Foam Aeroplane Earplugs with Travel Case


  • 10 Pairs of Earplugs For Flying
  • with Travel Carry Case
  • with fitting instructions
  • Help prevent pain in ears whilst flying
  • Can help with sleeping on planes
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If you are planning to get on an aeroplane soon, you need to make sure you pack your earplugs too. The benefits of using earplugs when flying are numerous , but most importantly they can help ease discomfort in the ears when thousands of feet up in the air.

If you are looking for flying earplugs for the first time, you may well be bewildered by all of the choice. You make ask yourself:

  • Which are the best earplugs for flying in?
  • Which are the best earplugs for sleeping on an aeroplane?

To take the stress out of choosing earplugs for the first time, we have put together a special 10 pack of earplugs for flying. In one handy pack, we offer you ten of the best earplugs for flying.As well as 10 pairs of earplugs, this pack also includes a handy carry case in which you can store one pair of earplugs – great for attaching to your key ring so that you always have the earplugs you need with you.

No need to stress about pain or noise on the flight when you have these in your hand luggage! In this pack you get:

10 Pairs of Earplugs for Flying with Travel Case

All earplugs individually wrapped and sent out with full-colour, illustrated fitting instructions. We even give you a little bag to store them in! 🙂

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