Earplugs for Swimming

Our Swimming & Water Sport earplugs are ideal if you are spending time in the water for sport or fun. Earplugs can help prevent swimmers ear – a painful inflammation of the ear canal than can affect both adults and children. They are also perfect if you simply don’t like getting water in your ears!

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When Should You Wear Earplugs for Swimming?

Swimplugs, more commonly known as earplugs for swimming, are a type of earplug that is meant to be used when you are in the shower or when you are swimming. The purpose of these are to prevent water from getting into your ears which may lead to ear infections due to unclean water.

There are a lot of children who are required to wear swimplugs after they have been given pressure equalization tubes in their ears (typically in response to reoccurring ear infections). Anyone who has pressure equalization tubes should be incredibly careful to make sure that no water gets into their ears – thus wearing earplugs for swimming and showering is optimal.

Who Should Wear Them?

  • You should have earplugs for swimming if:
  • You are going to swim in water that is either cold or dirty
  • You are prone to ear infections
  • You have a perforated eardrum or if you have pressure equalisation tubes

Different Types of Swim Earplugs

Mouldable Earplugs. The most common type of swim earplugs is mouldable earplugs. These are typically made from a silicon material which once inserted, will expand to fit the inside of your ear.

Custom Earplugs. Custom earplugs are a huge step up from mouldable earplugs. A healthcare professional will take a mould of your inner ear and will use this mould to create custom earplugs for you. These are incredibly effective.

Best Earplugs For Swimming

BioEars Soft Silicone EarPlugs –  These earplugs are made from super-soft silicone, which makes them ideal for wearing in all types of situations. They are suitable for both adults and children and are waterproof. This makes them ideal for use in or out of the water.

What makes these earplugs unique, is that they contain a product called Activaloe. This protection stops the growth of odour casuing bacteria in the earplug.This makes BioEars one of the best earplugs for swimming.

Mack’s AquaBlock Earplugs –  Mack’s lead the way when it comes to cutting edge earplugs and it is natural for them to offer a swimming earplugs as part of their extensive range. These earplugs are washable and reusable and are designed for extended wear. The earplugs have a unique triple flange design. This makes for a more customised fit and adds to the comfort when wearing them. The earplugs are perfect for helping to prevent swimmers  or surfers ear.

Hush Plugz Adult Swim Earplugs – We love all earplugs from Hush Plugz and these swimming earplugs are no exception. The soft silicone earplugs are designed to prevent water from entering the ear canal, lowering the risk of infection and helping to reduce pressure on the ear.

These earplugs are connected by a safety cord so that you won’t lose them in the water. They also come with a handy storage case so that they fit neatly in your swimming bag for future use.

ClearEars Water Absorbing Earplugs –  These swimming earplugs are manufactured by Cirrus, the same company that produced EarPlanes. These clever earplugs are perfect for use after swimming. Just put them into your ears for 5-10 minutes after leaving the water and they will draw in and hold the water. This is perfect if your ears are prone to getting trapped water in them.

Speedo Biofuse Aquatic Earplugs –  Speedo offer some great swimming earplugs. These Biofuse earplugs offer superior comfort and fit, helping to prevent water from entering the ears.

Speedo Ergo Earplugs – Another set of winning earplugs from Speedo, designed with the serious swimmer in mind. Ergo Swimming Earplugs are a soft, comfortable and ergonomically designed swimming earplugs with a long stem.

Noise-x Adult Swimming Earplugs – Noise-x adult swimming ear plugs can help to protect your ears whilst swimming. Even in the cleanest of swimming pools there is a risk of infection from bacteria which could be in the water. These swimplugs are bright orange in colour and are designed to perfectly fit the ear canals of most adults. These earplugs can also help protect you if you find the chemicals in the water too strong.

Noise-x Junior Swimming Earplugs –  Children are also catered for in the noise-X Swimplug range. These earplugs offer all the same benefits of the adult swimming earplug but in a size that is best to fit most children. They are blue in colour so you don’t get them mixed up with your earplugs!