Ohropax Silicon Aqua Earplugs


  • Ohropax Silicon Aqua Earplugs
  • 3 Pairs of blue silicone swimming earplugs
  • 1 Storage case
  • 1 Instructions for use
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Whether you’re in the swimming pool, in the lake or in the sea, swimming is fun! But amateur splashers or competitive swimmers often get water in their ears from swimming. This is why Ohropax Silicon Aqua was developed – the special earplug for swimming.

We’re all familiar with this: you’ve got water in your ear, which can be accompanied by a cracking sensation, annoying pressure or a numb feeling. This is very unpleasant. Getting water in your ears can also lead to a very annoying and painful inflammation of the external auditory canal. This is caused by germs that get into the ear along with water from swimming in the sea or lake, for example. The conditions in the humid, warm environment of the narrow auditory canal are very good for fungi and bacteria. This quickly leads to pain and/or itching and can also result in inflammation of the middle ear in a worst-case scenario. ‘Swimmer’s ear’ (medical term: otitis externa) should be taken seriously and needs to be treated by a doctor.

Ohropax Silicon Aqua is recommended to keep water out of the auditory canal and for swimming with peace of mind. The light-blue silicone earplugs are waterproof and are very easily malleable. The skin-friendly silicone adapts to every ear and keeps them dry. The tight sealing also keeps disruptive noise and wind out of the ear.

  • Hypoallergenic silicone
  • Malleable
  • Water resistant
  • Airtight
  • Insulating

How to use Ohropax Silicon Aqua Earplugs

  • To use Silicon Aqua, first mould them and make them into a ball.
  • Next apply the earplugs at the entrance of the clean, dry ear canal while pulling on the earlobe to release the air.
  • Above all, do not cut the earplugs and don’t use a tool to remove them, which can make them unusable.
  • You can reuse these swimming earplugs as long as they are not damaged.

What will you receive?

  • 3 Pairs of blue silicone swimming earplugs
  • 1 Storage case
  • 1 Instructions for use

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