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Jasmine Silk Sleep Eye Mask

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It’s not always possible to get to sleep during the night time hours, or perhaps you travel for business and need a bit of help blocking out the bright lights in the aeroplane? If all you need to get that restful sleep is total darkness, then you don’t need to be in a completely darkened room, nor do you need to medicate yourself to make it happen.

The Silk Sleep Eye Mask will give you the kind of rest you need to go about your busy day without the need for the room to be completely dark. This lovely, comfortable and silky sleep mask is the perfect travel companion, or a great gift for those who need just a little help finding dreamland. The mask is made from 100% pure mulberry silk floss that is covered in a luxurious, soft and smooth heavyweight charmeuse silk.

The sleep eye mask will gently caress your skin and help to protect the delicate folds against the sometimes harsh feel of your pillow. It is also believed that the natural amino acids that are present in silk can be beneficial to your skin’s overall health.

The silky mask was designed with an elastic strap to prevent any light from penetrating the bottom, and it is completely adjustable for different lengths to suit any shape of face. The mask is a deep, rich black with the feel of the softest cloud.

What you will get with this beautiful silk, sleep mask

  • It has a 100% Mulberry silk filling to promote comfort
  • The outer lining is pure 19mm Charmeuse mulberry silk
  • The mask is completely hand made
  • A rich, dark black
  • Completely adjustable elastic strap
  • Fully able to hand wash or it is machine washable at 30ºC
  • The mask has a quality certificate to Oeko-Tex Standard 100

Why waste another night trying to sleep using medications when all you really need is the Silky Sleep Eye Mask? Don’t let another night pass you by without a restful sleep, get your Silky Sleep Eye Mask today.

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