Sleep Pretty In Pink Women’s Sleep Mask


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For an extraordinary night of sleep enjoy our Sleep Pretty In Pink Women’s Sleep Mask. This unique sleep mask uses a contoured “eyelash free” design to create a total blackout experience. In addition to the adjustable strap for custom fit, the Sleep Pretty In Pink Women’s Sleep Mask comes with a free pair of earplugs. Sleep better! Sleep in pink tonight!

  • A very girly sleep mask in PINK!
  • Complete with travel case
  • Sleep mask covers the nose & eyes so almost no light shows through.
  • Creates a “total blackout” experience
  • Wonderfully contoured, with a nose ridge as well as space in the mask for your eyelashes.
  • Sleep mask is extremely soft and washes well
  • Best type of sleep mask for those who sleep on their back
  • Free pair of Hearos Sleep Pretty in Pink earplugs with each sleep mask
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