Replacement Blood Pressure Cuff for Kinetik Wellbeing WBP1 & TMB-1970


Compatible replacement blood pressure cuff for Kinetik Wellbeing WBP1 and TMB-1970 monitors. Easy to attach, soft and comfortable cuff with durable velcro closure provides accurate blood pressure readings. Long-lasting quality you can rely on.

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Stay on top of your health with the Replacement Blood Pressure Cuff for Kinetik Wellbeing WBP1 & TMB-1970 home blood pressure monitors. This high-quality replacement cuff allows you to continue monitoring your blood pressure accurately and consistently with your existing Kinetik monitor.

The cuff is made of durable nylon that conforms comfortably to your arm. The easy-to-secure hook and loop closure ensures a snug yet gentle fit for reliable readings. Inside the cuff is an advanced bladder system that provides precision inflation and measurement.

Setup is quick and easy – simply remove the old cuff from your Kinetik monitor and replace it with this new cuff. No additional calibration is needed. The replacement cuff is fully compatible with both the Kinetik WBP1 and TMB-1970 models.

Monitoring your blood pressure at home allows you to detect trends and manage hypertension. This replacement cuff lets you keep your Kinetik monitor working like new. Order today and take control of your heart health with consistent, reliable home blood pressure readings.

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