Kinetik Wellbeing Finger Pulse Oximeter (Sp02) – JPD500E


The Kinetik Wellbeing Finger Pulse Oximeter is an easy to use, portable device that painlessly measures blood oxygen levels and pulse rate. FDA approved and used by NHS Scotland.

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The Kinetik Wellbeing Finger Pulse Oximeter is an easy-to-use, non-invasive device for measuring blood oxygen saturation and pulse rate. Certified as a Class IIa medical device, this oximeter provides fast and accurate readings with no pain or discomfort.

Perfect for home wellness monitoring, the Kinetik oximeter simply clips onto your fingertip to display your blood oxygen level and pulse rate on its clear LED display. With ultra-low power consumption, the batteries provide over 30 hours of continuous monitoring. The included lanyard allows you to wear the oximeter around your neck for true portability.

Trusted by NHS Scotland and ideal for any age, the Kinetik Finger Pulse Oximeter is the convenient way to monitor your vital signs. Using safe light waves, it painlessly checks the oxygen level and pulse rate in your blood in just seconds.

The easy one-button operation makes testing simple. Just insert the included batteries, turn on the device, place your finger inside, and your blood oxygen saturation percentage and pulse rate are displayed.

Know your numbers with the Kinetik Wellbeing Finger Pulse Oximeter. Clinical grade accuracy in a portable, home-friendly device.

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