Heart Rate and Calorie Monitor Watch

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If you are looking for a great value Heart Rate and Calorie Monitor Watch, this one is a good choice. It automatically calculates calories burned, heart rate and time.

This watch has an advanced ECG (Electrocardiography Technology) Sensor which locates your pulse from your blood pressure. It is an advanced training tool, designed to help you achieve your fitness and weight management goals.

The ‘Pulse’ Watch also has many of the usual features that you would expect from a sports watch such as, daily alarm and hourly chime
stopwatch and an exercise counter with automatic and manual override.

The Pulse watch can allow you to measure heart rate for fitness training, walking, hiking or even at home or office with no limit on any dressing. No chest strap required!

Heart Rate and Calorie Monitor Watch features:

  • 4th Generation Advanced Electrocardiography Technology ECG Sensor provides accurate Heart Rate Measure
  • Built-in ECG Pulse Sensor requires NO chest strap
  • Heart Rate Reading with indication of instant heart rate changing
  • Exercise Heart Rate measure and Resting Heart Rate measure modes
  • Analyse the Heart Rate and calculate the Calories Burnt after exercise
  • Exercise Intensity input for Calories analyzing
  • Exercise Counter with Automatic and Manual override Calorie Counter
  • Chronograph (Stopwatch) with split lap time for recording exercise time
  • Display current Time & Calendar with Alarm and Hourly Chime function


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