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Drinking and Driving

Drunken driving has been a major social problem for many years, it’s also illegal to drive when the amount of alcohol in blood (BAC) exceeds the local legal limit.

Most people find it hard to make the judgement if they are healthy enough to drive after they have had alcohol. The most common way is to use a breath analyser such as AL6000. The AL6000 is a portable and handy detector which analyses a breath sample to detect the amount of alcohol present in the lungs. This reading is then converted to blood alcohol concentration (BRAC) measured in mg/L.

A Breathalyser That Doesn’t Need Recalibration

The AL6000 is one of the latest breathalysers in the market and is gaining popularity because it is super easy to use. The device employs an oxide semiconductor sensor, a unique alcohol detector featuring pre-calibrated alcohol sensor modules. The presence of this module eliminates the need to recalibrate the device making the machine convenient and easy-to-use.

What Do You Get in the Box?

The AL6000 alcohol breathalyser comes with a carry pouch, 5 plastic mouthpieces, and 2 batteries. A switch in the device allows it to be put on, and indication lights tell the user when the device is ready to test.

The AL6000 is a pocket-sized device which is highly convenient and easy to use whenever you require it. The breathalyser is good to analyse breath after about 20 minutes of alcohol consumption. In cases of smoking, a minute gap after the last cigarette is sufficient for the most accurate reading. On the typical AL6000 unit, the UK Drink Drive Reading is 0.35mg/L.

Do Not Drive Under the Influence of Alcohol

Drinking alcohol sends our bodily chemicals into disarray. Therefore, there is absolutely NO safe limit of alcohol that you can consume before you have to drive. Though the breathalysers help you determine the alcohol level in your lungs, it is not something that you should make a habit of. Devices like these should only be used for emergencies.

A Quick Guide to the AL6000 Breathalyser

The AL6000 is a portable, pocket-sized, handheld device which is used to check the amount of alcohol in the breath with optimal accuracy. This device is used by the NHS and the Police throughout the United Kingdom which speaks about its authenticity and reliability. The device is popular because of its pre-calibrated Alcohol Sensor Module which eliminates the need of having to recalibrate it over and over again. The sensor works as a plug-in unit which means that a placement can be added whenever needed.


The AL6000 is optimally accurate in its alcohol analyses reading which is the prime reason for the officials’ reliability on it. The law enforcement agencies throughout the world use this device to keep a check on drunken driving. This is an FDA and CE approved device and meets absolutely all the US, UK, and European standards.

Ease of Use

The AL6000 breathalyser is self-calibrated which makes it the most convenient device. The device displays the exact alcohol amount up to 2 decimal points beginning from 0.00mg/L zero level alcohol concentration) to 2.00 mg/L (coma level alcohol concentration).

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the breathalyser work with the new Scottish drive limit?

The Scottish drink drive limit is 0.20mg/L while the rest of the UK is still 0.35mg/L. Since the device shows limits between 0.00 and 2.00 mg/L, it will show the new limit.

How does AL6000 compare to other breathalysers?

Accuracy is one of the strong selling points of this device. It is FDA and CE approved and is relied upon by law enforcement agencies.

What does a safe alcohol level even mean?

Ideally there is no safe alcohol level. When you have had alcohol, it is suggested that you do not drink and drive. But this device comes in handy in cases of emergencies.

Why should I buy this?

To accurately test the level of alcohol in your lungs. Its use is not exclusively limited to drink and drive but can be used to keep a check on your general alcohol consumption too. The product is best for medical professionals, law enforcement agencies, and individuals who have to get themselves tested for alcohol levels.

Is this breathalyser right for me?

The AL6000 has been made by one of the finest alcohol and drug testing suppliers in the UK. It is supplied to the security forces, prison authorities, police, and NHS authorities.

Does it have warranty?

The product comes with a 12 month warranty and a free insurance cover.


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