Female Urine Funnel

Woman’s Ladies Female Urine Funnel

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This is a handy urination device for women that makes urine sample collection a breeze as it perfectly fits our standard 30ml urine collection pots. It is also the perfect travel accessory, which can help in any situation where access to toilets is limited.

The funnel is made from a soft and pliable form of silicone. This makes it easy and comfortable to use as well as being easy to keep clean. Washing the funnel is painless – just place it into soapy water, gently wash and then leave to dry.

The urine funnel is also a very handy size to keep in your handbag. It measures 16cms long x 10cms x 5cms.

When no toilets are around this item will prove invaluable – ideal for Camping, Hiking, Walking, Festivals and when no toilets around. It is designed not to flow back, splash or spill, so you will soon feel very comfortable in using it in all kinds of situations!

Once you have this device you will be able to urinate whilst standing, and without removing your clothing. Use this urine funnel when you don’t want to sit down in an unsanitary public toilet or when there isn’t one around.


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