25 mouth pieces for AL6000 Digital Alcohol Breathalyser Tester

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AL6000 Mouthpiece

The replacement mouthpieces are suitable for use with the AL6000 DA5000 AL7000 DA7000 and DA8000 Digital Alcohol Breathalyser / Breathalyzer.

These mouthpieces are also compatible with the following AlcoScan / AlcoDigital machines:
• AL5500
• AL6000Lite
• AL6000P
• AL7000
• AL9000
• AL9000Lite
• AL9010
• ALX1000

Should I change the breathalyser mouthpiece after every test?

You do not need to change the mouthpiece after every test. However, for reasons of hygiene, we do suggest that the mouthpieces is replaced on a regular basis.

When you blow into the breathalyser a large number of times, you can generate a lot of condensation/residue in the mouthpiece. In this case you should replace it or rinse it vigorously.


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