Suresign 4 in 1 Infrared Thermometer


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The SURESIGN Infrared Thermometer measures body temperature from inside the ear or on the forehead. It can also be used as a room temperature gauge, which is helpful when measuring the temperature of a baby’s sleeping environment.

  • Temperature in just 1 second
  • Forehead reading perfect for babies
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to read
  • Suitable for babies and children
  • Easy to store
  • Last measurement auto recall
  • Fever alarm

How to Use the Suresign Infrared Thermometer

When the system is showing the time/room temperature display, press the scanning button and the last temperature measurement will be displayed. After two “beeps” the system enters into the measurement mode.



​1. Remove the probe cap; the thermometer is now in the ear measurement mode.


2. When measuring the ear temperature, put the probe into the ear first, then press the scanning button. One second later you will hear a “beep” and you can take out the thermometer, the measurement is now completed.



1. Making sure the probe cap is on, press the scan button to measure the forehead temperature.

2. When measuring the forehead temperature, hold in the scanning button, put the end of the probe cap vertically on one temple with gentle pressure, and move it to the other temple across the forehead.  Release the scanning button and the measurement will be shown.



When the measured temperature exceeds 38.0ºC, the thermometer will send out one long “beep” and two short ones; the display will then show the fever icon.




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