SD Codefree Blood Glucose Monitor (mmol/L)


  • Compact, hand-held, and easy-to-read monitor
  • Stores up to 500 test results
  • Provides an accurate picture of your blood glucose level
  • Only needs a small droplet of blood
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Many people with diabetes have the idea that they can tell when their blood glucose levels are high by the way they feel and don’t think they need to test. The fact is, elevated blood sugar may not affect how you feel until your blood glucose levels are very high, perhaps even dangerously high.

The SD CodeFree Blood Glucose Monitoring System provides you with an accurate and exact blood glucose reading at the time you test. To test, you simply prick your finger with the lancet and place a drop of blood on a test strip. The meter will measure the amount of glucose in your blood and give you the result automatically. The meter comes with a Self-Test diary that you can use to keep track of your results. This will help your healthcare team monitor your levels and determine whether your medication is continuing to work as needed.

For more information on how the NEW SD Codefree Blood Glucose Meter works, watch the video from

Blood Glucose Testing

All blood glucose testing involves blood, which is usually obtained by pricking the tip of the finger with a lancet. Those who test frequently often find their fingers get sore. Some diabetes monitors, such as the one we offer, allow you to use blood from the forearm, upper arm, palm, or other sites in a technique known as alternate site testing, or AST. You should always talk with your diabetes specialist before using blood obtained from alternate sites.

Benefits of the SD CodeFree System?

  • Fast and easy – With some meters, you have to enter a code every time you use it. With the SD CodeFree meter, simply put a drop of blood on a test strip, insert the strip into the slot on the meter, and you will have your result in 5 seconds.
  • Small and lightweight – Measuring just 47mm x 95mm x 17.5mm, and weighing just 47.5g with the battery, the SD CodeFree Meter is easy to carry with you. The meter comes with a carrying case that has plenty of compartments for extra lancets and test strips, lancing device,control solution, and instructions.
  • Memory – The SD CodeFree Meter has plenty of memory to store the results of up to 500 tests.
  • Alternative Site Testing – The lancing device on the SD CodeFree Meter is adaptable, allowing you to obtain blood from sites other than your fingers, such as your palm or forearm. These results may be more accurate if it has been a few hours since you last ate or took medication.
  • Reminder alarm – If you often forget to test your blood, set the alarm to remind you.
  • Low cost refills – Replacement strips and lancets can be expensive, about £10 or more for 50 test strips for some meters. 50 strips for the SD CodeFree Meter will only cost you £6.99. 100 lancets will cost you £5.99.
  • Free 1 year warranty – If you have any trouble with your meter in the first year, contact us and we’ll repair or replace it.
  • Free SD Diabetes Management Software – The software allows you to store your results on your computer. This can help you identify patterns so you can better plan meals, exercise, and medication. The software is included free and can (and should) be used under the supervision of your healthcare professional.

What do I actually get with this pack?

  • 1 x SD Codefree Blood Glucose Meter – stores up to 500 test results. mmol/L display.
  • 1 x Adaptable Lancing Device offering 10 different comfort settings
  • 10 x Blood Glucose Test Strips – Our replacement strips are just £8.99 for 50 strips
  • 10 x Lancets
  • 1 x 3V Battery Type CR2032
  • 1 x Carrying Case
  • 1 x SD Check Strip…..Full instructions and a helpful Self Test Diary


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