Beurer PO 30 Pulse Oximeter


The Beurer PO 30 is a compact, portable pulse oximeter that measures your oxygen saturation and pulse rate. Its large display provides clear readings even in low light conditions for convenient at-home monitoring of key vital signs.

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Knowing your heart rate is critical; get fast and accurate readings anytime, anywhere with the Beurer PO30 Pulse Oximeter.

Do you spend most of your day at a desk? Are you an athlete? Regardless of your occupation or how you occupy your time daily, knowing your heart rate and fitness level are critical. You can pick up and even prevent potentially dangerous health problems by monitoring your heart rate; the Beurer PO30 Pulse Oximeter accurately displays your oxygen saturation and heart rate. Use this light and small finger pulse oximeter anywhere at any time.

Beurer PO 30

What is the heart rate (pulse)?

The number of times your heart beats every minute is your heart rate; this varies for everyone and being aware of yours is very crucial for your overall health.  The rate and regularity of your heart beat changes as you age and any major changes might be a sign that you have a heart problem that requires immediate attention. Get fast results of your heart rate with the Beurer PO30 pulse oximeter, for short term or long term purposes; you will get clear and accurate readings with the pulse oximeter.

You can count how many beats your heart makes in 1 minute to determine your pulse, which can be found on your wrist, side of your neck, top of your foot or on the inside of your elbow. It can be tricky and not as accurate when checking your pulse manually. With the Beurer PO30 pulse oximeter, you can read your pulse quickly and accurately.

Beurer PO 30

What is oxygen saturation (Sp0)?

Oxygen saturation is the percentage of haemoglobin in the arterial blood which is filled with oxygen; haemoglobin moves oxygen in the blood stream from the lungs to the other parts of the body. People with low oxygen saturation values often get symptoms like elevated heart rate, nervousness, shortness of breath, weakness and sweating outbreaks. Are you experiencing any of these symptoms? Not sure why? Discover the answer with the  Beurer PO30.

Beurer PO 30

Is the Beurer PO30 Pulse Oximeter for you?

It is critical that you monitor your heart rate on a regular basis if you suffer from bronchial asthma, heart failure, chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases or any respiratory or heart-related issues. By closely monitoring your heart rate measurements, you could prevent life-threatening situations as well as help to improve your overall wellbeing.

Are you an athlete? Are you active in sports at high altitudes like skiing or mountaineering? If so, the Beurer PO30 pulse oximeter will be useful in helping you to monitor your heart rate, which will also help you to become even fitter. If you are performing exercises, the simplest way to keep track of your heart rate and prevent under-training and over-training is to constantly keep track of your pulse rate all the way through your exercise routine; the Beurer PO30 is a hand held device that allows you to carry it along with you to the fitness club or if you’re jogging – observe your heart rate when you start working out, when you get to your highest point (without injuring yourself ) and when you’re done; by checking your heart rate with the Beurer PO30 pulse oximeter you will get extra peace of mind that your well-being is improving.

Read your measurements easier with the big, bright LED display on the Beurer PO30. You can choose to display the format horizontally or vertically. The display’s brightness is also adjustable, allowing you to get clear readings in any lighting conditions. Is your SpO₂ normal, decreased or critical? Discover your classification and assess your measurements with the Beurer PO30.

Beurer PO 30

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