Howard Leight Earplugs

Howard Leight earplugs provide the right fit for every user in every environment. At Zoom Health we offer the full range of Howard Leight earplugs, in small and large volumes. This means that you can choose the exact earplug you want, in the exact quantity you need. Also, because we hold stock and ship same-day, you can be assured that you will receive your earplugs very soon after you order them. We offer foam, reusable and corded earplugs from Howard Leight.

Howard Leight Earplugs – Foam

The range of foam earplugs from Howard Leight is unrivalled. This means that there is an earplug for virtually every ear, regardless of size or shape! The unique soil-resistant foam used in manufacturing Howard Leight earplugs means that they stay cleaner and more hygienic for longer. They are also super comfortable to wear!

Howard Leight Earplugs – Reusable

Howard Leight continues to be an industry leader by offering the most choices of in-ear hearing protection. And as the leader in innovation, only Howard Leight is continually developing new designs, materials and technologies that take comfort and protection to the next level.

Reusable earplugs from Howard Leight allow you to continue with the same earplugs which helps reduce waste and cost.

Howard Leight Earplugs – Corded

Corded earplugs are great as they allow users to easily take earplugs in and out without fear of losing them. Howard Leight offers one of the most comprehensive range of corded earplugs on the market, so you can easily find the right corded earplug for your ears.

Howard Leight Earplugs – Banded

Many people like using banded earplugs as they can be easily placed into the ears without having to touch the foam. This means that any contaminants on the hands are not transferred to the ear canal. Banded earplugs are also easy to wear around the neck when necessary.