Bilsom 304L Corded Earplugs


  • Corded, Soft Foam Earplugs
  • Smooth, soil-resistant skin
  • Superior noise-blocking performance
  • SNR 33 dB
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These Bilsom 304L corded earplugs are designed to offer superior long-wearing comfort and solid performance. They are manufactured from a soft, polyurethane foam that delivers maximum comfort. The smooth, soil-resistant skin on these earplugs prevents dirt or other substances from accumulating on skin or entering ear canal.

Bilsom 304L Corded Earplugs are ideal for users that need to block out loud noise and demand the best protection and comfort available in an earplug. Europe most-used polyurethane earplug, the 300 series earplug, offers superior noise-blocking performance in a single-use earplug. Because of the high noise-blocking features of these earplugs, they are even used as earplugs for Formula One motor racing teams.

Because these earplugs are corded, they can be quickly inserted and removed without fear of losing them. the 304L is a larger earplug, designed for those with regular or larger sized ear canals.

These earplugs are also available in uncorded versions, in both Small and Large sizes.

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