Fusion Resuable Corded Earplugs – Small


  • Dual material design combines firm core for easy handling with soft flanges for comfort and fit
  • FlexiFirm stem is easy to grasp, ensuring easy insertion into the ear canal
  • SoftFlange creates comfortable seal in the ear canal for superior comfort and protection
  • Unique detachable nylon cord system adapts to virtually any application
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Fusion corded earplugs from Howard Leight are designed to protect your ears in noisy environments. Maximum protection is achieved by simply slipping these earplugs into your ears. Because these earplugs are corded you do not need to worry about losing them or dropping them in the workplace. Also, when you are not wearing them, they can simply hang down your neck.

When you work in an environment where noise is generated intermittently, corded earplugs are a godsend. Just insert them when needed and leave them out when the noise stops. In this respect they are much easier to use than normal earplugs.

Comfortable Earplugs That You Can Wear All Day Long!

When you use earplugs for work, it is important that they are comfortable to wear as you will be using them for extended periods. These Fusion earplugs have a FlexiFirm® core which makes them easy to insert into the ear canal and provides a superior, all day long fit.

This earplug as incorporates a patented SoftFlange™ design. This means that they adjust perfectly to your ear canal for super attenuation and fit. These earplugs are available in two sizes – large and small – so that you can achieve the best possible fit. These GREEN fusion earplugs are the SMALL size. We also sell the LARGE size Fusion earplugs which are BLUE.

Fusion Earplugs – Features

  • Patented dual material design
  • FlexiFirm® stem is easy to grasp, ensures easy insertion into the ear canal
  • SoftFlanges® create comfortable seal in the ear canal for superior comfort and protection
  • Attached cord and metal stem ring easily detected by automated equipment
  • Green colour provides high visibility in detection
  • Cleans with soap and water, lasts for weeks
  • Two sizes fine-tune fit for personal comfort and safety

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