Matrix BLUE Corded Earplugs

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  • Smaller diameter, corded earplugs
  • SNR 30dB provides excellent protection
  • Quick to insert – no roll!
  • Softer
  • Stay cleaner for longer
  • Corded – you won’t lose them!
  • Also in GREEN and ORANGE
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These Matrix BLUE corded earplugs are manufactured by Howard Leight, one of the leading producers of earplugs in the world today.

The unique “No Roll” design of these earplugs means that you can fit them in seconds and they will deliver instant protection for your ears. These earplugs are designed to offer a “uniform attenuation profile”. In plain English this means that they work well at blocking loud noise at the same time as allowing higher frequencies to be heard more normally. These earplugs also benefit from having a smaller diameter than many. This means that you ear canals will not feel “plugged up” when you wear them. Finally, the smooth outer skin of the earplugs means that they are incredibly comfortable to wear, even for extended periods.

Key Features of Matrix BLUE Corded Earplugs

  • No Roll Design
  • Insertion is fast, and protection is instant upon proper insertion.
  • Super-soft outer skin ensures comfort
  • Matrix’s uniform attenuation blocks harmful noise while voice frequencies can be heard more naturally
  • Corded, so you won;t lose them!

Fitting Instructions

Matrix Corded Earplugs

  1. Reach over head with free hand, pull ear up and back and INSERT earplug, WITHOUT ROLLING it,well inside ear canal.
  2. Earplugs should be inserted as shown in these drawings. Stop pushing earplug when finger touches the ear.
  3. PROPER FIT: Ideally, if properly fitted, the end of the earplugs should not be visible to someone looking at you from the front. If either or both earplugs do not seem to be fitted properly, remove the earplug and reinsert.
  4. While in a noisy environment and with earplugs inserted, cup both hands over ears and release.The earplugs should be blocking enough noise so that covering them with your hands should not result in a significant difference. If proper fit is not obtained, move to a quiet location and repeat fitting instructions.

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