Earplugs for Presidents

Joe Biden will be sworn in as the 46th President of the United States on January 20th 2021. As we all know, it’s a tough job and we wish him all the best.

Joe has probably got great hearing but he might want to invest in some earplugs in order to keep it that way. Many prominent presidents and politicians from the past have struggled with hearing, or had issues due to exposure to loud noises. Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton are just two of a number of popular politicians who have suffered from hearing loss.

We don’t know if Joe Biden currently wears earplugs, but if he did, he might choose from some of these!

Super Leight USA Earplugs

Earplug for Presidents - Super Leight USA Shooters

Well, let’s face it, you could not find a more American earplugs than these. Super Leight USA Earplugs are manufactured by Howard Leight, the earplug division of Honeywell. As you will see they are a distinctive foam earplugs made up of the three colours of the USA flag. If we were designing Earplugs for Presidents, we may well have come up with a similar, red white and blue colour scheme.

Novelty aside, these are actually decent earplugs. They have an extremely Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) 33dB, which means that they will protect your ears in even the harshest environments. They also have a distinctive bell form which copies the contours of the inner ear to provide the highest possible noise reduction and to stop the earplug from popping back out of the ear.

Another advantage of these earplugs is that they are supplied individually wrapped, these means that you can carry them in single pairs in your bag or pocket and they can be opened, fresh and clean, just when you need to use them.

Not surprisingly, these earplugs are only available in the USA. However, we now stock these earplugs, so that we can supply this great earplug to our UK and international customers.


Mack’s SnoreBlockers Earplugs

Mack’s SnoreBlockers Earplugs

When it comes to all-American earplugs, we cannot ignore Mack’s earplugs. After all, the promote themselves as “USA’s #1 Selling and #1 Doctor Recommended Ear Plug Brand”

The range of earplugs from Mack’s is both impressive and varied and they offer earplugs for all situations and environments. We are particular fans of their foam earplugs. No only are they attractive to look at, they fit the ear really well and are super comfortable, allowing you to wear them for extended periods easily.

Mack’s SnoreBlockers Earplugs are one of the most popular earplugs in the Mack’s range, and it is easy to see why. The super soft foam used to make these earplugs is one of the main factors. This makes them a really comfortable earplug to wear in bed at night. They also have a special X mark on the end of them, which many not seem significant. However this little emboss helps to reduce the pressure of the foam earplug in the ear canal, which is why they remain comfortable to wear, even over extended periods.

Even though Mack’s Earplugs are as American as Apple Pie, these particular ones are manufactured in Sweden, Not that this really matters, as they are fantastic earplugs for sleeping.

Hearos Ultimate Softness Earplugs

Hearos Ultimate Softness Earplugs

We can’t mention American earplugs without acknowledging Hearos. The Hearos earplugs brand was founded in 1992 in California by Doug Pick. The range of earplugs is impressive and they have product that are good for enthusiasts and professionals alike. Many of the earplugs are proudly manufactured in North America. They has also developed a unique proprietary foam technology, called PowerSoft, which helps make the earplugs really comfortable to wear.

Probably our favourite earplug in the whole Hearos range are the Hearos Ultimate Softness Earplugs.

Thee are made from a unique polyurethane foam for the most enjoyable fit. They have also been tested and certified to provided a Noise Reduction Rating of 32 decibels. A unique feature of Hearos foam earplugs is that they have a roll down and “slowly recover” property. This gives you loads of time to correctly position them in your ears.

Hearos foam earplugs are hypoallergenic. For maximum hygiene, they should discarded as soon as dirt or wax accumulates on the earplugs.


3M EARsoft Yellow Neons Earplugs

3M E-A-R Soft Yellow Neons Earplugs
3M is an American company that produces over 60,000 products under several brands. They are particularly famous for their line of Earplugs and boast an impressive array of products. One of the most popular earplugs in their range are EARsoft Yellow Neons Earplugs.

Yellow Neons are often touted as “the industry‘s most comfortable earplug” due to their tapered soft skin, Whether this is true or not is a question of debate. What is not in dispute is that these popular earplugs are great for protecting your ears from damaging sounds, wherever you may need to use them. Each pair of these earplugs will protect your ears from sound up to 33 dB. The soft, low pressure foam expands gently in the ear canal to allow an excellent fit for all ear sizes. It also makes them perfect for all-day wearability.

If you are looking for a slightly quirkier take on this favourite earplug, why not try Yellow Neon Blasts Earplugs. This is a limited edition version of the earplug that features a red flame motif on the characteristic yellow foam. Only released in the USA, Zoom Health has imported a quantity of these earplugs so that we can make them available, for the first time, to our UK and international customers.


Men’s Earplugs Sample Pack

Earplugs for PresidentsWith so many earplugs on the market, Joe Biden may well me struggling to choose the right one for himself. After all, finding the right earplug is a personal thing. At Zoom Health we hope that we have made the process a bit simpler by introducing our Men’s Earplugs Sample Packs which contain a wide selection of different earplugs in foam, silicone and wax.

If you are struggling to sleep or work due to excessive noise in your environment, this is the pack for you. Inside each earplug pack you fill find 13 pairs of earplugs from all the leading brands. 11 pairs are foam earplugs. We have also included 1 pair of silicone earplugs and one pair of wax earplugs so that you can try those out too.

Try all the earplugs in the pack and choose which one you like best. You can then order those specific earplugs from our website at a great price. We even give you a discount code to use, to obtain and even better price.

Once you have found your perfect earplug you are all set. If Mr Biden wants to drop by, we can sort him our too. We would love to supply earplugs for presidents! 🙂


This post has was first published in January 2021.
Photo by Gayatri Malhotra on Unsplash

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