Haspro Earplugs awarded Product Discovery of the Year 2020

2020 has been a difficult year for us all, so we were really pleased to hear that our friends at Haspro Earplugs have just been awarded a prestigious award in their native Poland. Haspro earplugs were awarded a “Consumer’s Laurel” in the Product Discovery of the Year 2020 category. The prize was very well deserved and all of us at Zoom Health send out our congratulations to Marcin Spychała and Krystian Jurasz, the owners of Haspro.

For the team at Haspro, the award is justified confirmation that they are going in the right direction. This award is granted to brands that have recently entered the market and which have managed to conquer the hearts of consumers in this short period of time.

In 2020, Haspro introduced 3 new product categories in the form of moulded earplugs, foam plugs in a collective packaging of 10 pairs and an absolute novelty of 50 pairs in a modern and ecological packaging in the form of tubes.

“We have been working on new products and offer for a long time and we can proudly say that we have managed to achieve something that has not been available on the market so far. Today, we offer our customers earplugs with one of the highest attenuation factors in their category, in several colour options, and in a very attractive form and packaging” says Krystian Jurasz,

“Our offer is comprehensive and will meet the needs of the market. As it turns out, the demand for ear plugs is very high and is growing as people are more aware of danger caused by high level of noise and also they would like have good rest and good sleep despite the fact where they are and how noisy it is” added Marcin Spychala.

The specialist range of earplugs includes Haspro Sleep Earplugs, one of our favourite earplugs for sleeping. For those of us working at home or office right now, Haspro Office Earplugs offer calm when you need to concentrate. For bikers, Haspro Moto Earplugs are great for just about any situation. Finally, you may want to check out Haspro Party Earplugs for the times when we can go back to having fun together again!

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