Hearos Earplugs

In 1992, the HEAROS brand of earplugs was launched to help customers reduce noise, protect hearing and defend against water damage to the ear. The range includes high-quality foam and silicone earplugs.

The HEAROS earplugs brand was founded in 1992 in California by Doug Pick. Operating out of his apartment in Studio City, Doug launched the company by investing his life savings of $15,000. From day one the philosophy of the company was simple and can be summed up in just 7 words – bring high-quality ear plugs to users.

The Ultimate Softness Earplug from Hearos was the first product and is still popular and sold today. This high-quality foam earplug has a high Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) 32dB. It is manufactured from super soft foam which means that the earplugs is extremely comfortable to war, even for extended periods.

The company’s flagship silicone earplug is marketed under the name of Hearos Pearls. These pre-rolled silicone earplugs are fast and easy to fit into place and can be used for sleeping or swimming, as well as other activities.

Finally. Sleep Pretty in Pink was developed as a brand for earplugs, particularly aimed at female users. As well as the famous earplugs for women, the range also includes sleep masks for use at night.